Mensez Feminine Lipstick: New Brand Which Helps Women With Mensuration


A lipstick called Mensez Feminine Lipstick, patent on January 10, 2017, has claimed to contain menstrual flow in such a way that women don’t have to use sanitary pad anymore. According to the CEO and President at Mensez Technologies, Dr. Daniel Dopps, who describe the product – Mensez lipstick, in his LinkedIn page, he said:

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“Mensez feminine lipstick is a natural patented compound of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the labia minora and causes them to cling together in a manner strong enough to retain menstrual fluid in the vestibule above the labia minora where the vaginal opening and urethra exit.

“The Mensez compound is instantly washed away with urine, which releases the menstrual fluid along with the urine into the toilet every time a woman urinates. No pads or tampons are needed. Safe, secure and clean.”

The company’s website explained that the principle behind Mensez is for women to control their periods without the need for tampons, pads, vag cups or period panties. The company further described the product this way:

“Have you ever woken up with your lips stuck together? It didn’t hurt and and was kind of fun. All you had to do was to wet your lips from the inside with saliva and they became unstuck.”

It says Mensez is a natural combination of amino acids in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the labia minora during the menstrual period. The content of the lipstick seals the vaginal walls strong enough to prevent leakage until the woman urinates, during which the urine instantly unseals the labia and allow the menstrual fluid to wash out into the toilet, then mensez is reapplied. According to the company, the product is clean, safe and secure.

However, the product has garnered a lot of criticism from women who questioned how a male doctor can possibly understand how women’s menstrual organ works. But here’s Dr. Dopps twitter response:

Mensez lipstick

“We’re just introducing the concept to the public. It will be thoroughly tested and improved.”

He also claimed that some personal care products have indicated interest in the Mensez lipstick and while it has been patented, it is yet to be released in the market but only a matter of time.

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But however bizarre and strange Mensez adhesive lipstick may seem, its market breakthrough would be determined by women around the world who finds it appealing to use, it also has to impress executives at large companies, pass trials and jump through regulatory hoops.

So far, there haven’t seen to be a positive feedback from people. Those who comment about Mensez lipstick on Facebook either contradicts or outrightly reject the project. Already, one of them who claimed to be Dopps brother said the doctor is crazy, but then, all great inventors were regarded as lunatics before their inventions finally achieved a breakthrough.