Men Tips: Things Ladies Do When They Don’t Want To Sleep With You


For guys who do not understand women language, these men tips would guide you when next she visits you at home.

Women are a very complicated set of humans and when it comes to falling in love and getting laid, guys need some men tips like this to help them understand these delicate creatures better.

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Note that ladies are smarter these days and would not open their legs for just any guy. Just because you finally succeeded in inviting her to your house, does not mean she wants to sleep with you.

Men Tips

Here are some things ladies do when they do not want to sleep with a guy just yet. This happens mostly, on the first three visits to his house.

1. She Comes With A Friend


Safety is a woman’s watch-word. The first sign to check out for if she doesn’t want to sleep with him yet is when she comes with her friend.

This friend will serve as a guide and a hindrance to any wrong intention if the guy had any. The friend will also ease off the tension in the room, and prevent talks about sleeping over.

2. She Tells You To Leave The Door Ajar

As long as the door remains wide open, she feels kinda safe that nothing will go wrong. It will also give her easy escape route in a situation where the guy has rape plans.

In general, ladies feel comfortable this way as they know it is near impossible for the guys to attempt being funny or try to have sex with them with the door wide opened.

3. She Wears Jeans And A Big Belt

Jeans and belt or other tight clothes have restrictions and will take longer time to remove. Therefore, it would give her enough time to regain herself just in case she strayed off at a point.

4. She Avoids Sitting On The Bed

The thing she is avoiding is more likely to happen on the bed so she stays away from the object of temptation. Even though she is aware sex can happen anywhere even in the kitchen, she would rather not be the one taking the lead by sitting on his bed.

5. She Says The ‘I’m On’ Lie

Men Tips: Things Ladies Do When They Visit Your House But Don’t Want To Sleep With You

Most ladies have avoided sex severally using this line even with their boyfriend that they have been having sex with. Men on the other hands would not want to see blood so they rather let a woman be when she says ‘I am on’ than struggle to have sex and to soil their bed sheets.

6. She Makes And Receives Calls All Through Her Visit

When ladies feel like they have stayed long enough in a place, they start to receive calls that would make the guys feel they need to be on their way. Some even become apologetic on the phone to make the guy feel they have to go somewhere immediately.

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In some cases, girls put their friends up to this and make them call them at intervals just to prevent the guy from launching his sex idea on them.

7. She Focuses On Something Aside You

Back in the days, it used to be flowers girls focus on. Replay a scenario where a guy is talking to a girl on the street and she gets busy fondling with flowers.

These days, she would rather stay glued to the TV or grab a book and read, than stare at the guy while he talks. All these is to avert too much eye contact which could eventually arouse more sexual feelings.

8. She Tells You Repelling Stories To Kill Your Urge

Some ladies can lie for Africa. They will cook up all sorts of stories that would make men pity them; they talk about how they have suffered one or two forms of abuse in their previous relationships. They act traumatized and this would naturally throw the men off-balance and will keep the idea of sex at bay.

9. She Acts Edgy

Men Tips: Things Ladies Do When They Visit Your House But Don’t Want To Sleep With You

Sometimes, ladies deliberately put up an edgy front when they visit men in their houses. They act uncomfortable and would be cold towards the guy till they leave. Men sense their defense and would rather leave them alone till they adjust.

10. She Starts Singing ‘I want to go Home’

Once she finds out that she is almost giving in, she would prefer to leave before things go wrong. Most times she really do not have anywhere more important to be, but once she starts ringing it that she wants to leave, just know that she is not ready to sweat it out with you just yet.

So guys, it is left for you to note the signs on the above men tips. Once you spot more than three on one date, just let her go or keep trying until she gives in. Goodluck on that!