All Men Are Idiots – Monalisa Chinda Opens Up


Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda, has had a fair share of rough times with men and that experience once made her categorize all men as the same – idiots. She is the star cover for the May 2016 edition of Genevieve Magazine, and in her interview, Monalisa talks about her challenges with men, her previous marriage and her journey to finding true love again.

Monalisa Chinda

The actress, who re-married in February 2015, after being single for six years, said she had almost given up after her separation with her first husband. The Port-Harcourt born actress, was formerly married to Segun Dejo-Richard, unfortunately, the marriage crashed in 2009 following domestic abuse. However they have a daughter together.

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Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa Chinda and her daughter (the one by her left)

Monalisa Chinda shares her emotional journey to finding love again in the arms of her childhood love, Victor Tonye Cole, after her divorce.

“Truthfully I had categorized all men as the same useless idiots (pardon my French). I am happy that I feel differently now. Marriage is always a better option for any woman who is single in this country. Forget 30, once you attain 35 and counting, men in this country call you a dead engine.”

Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa Chinda and Husband, Victor on their traditional marriage day

The 41-year-old actress has known her new husband since she was 14. It took her 21-years to recognize that Victor was her husband all the while.

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According to Victor Tonye Cole, Marriage is sweet, that is why Monalisa Chinda is giving it a second chance, but this time around, she is not taking chances marry him. Hopefully, he has given her reasons and will continue to make her believe that all men are not idiots.

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