Meet the True Leaders of Nigeria’s Tomorrow


While growing up, we were made to believe that “Children are the leaders of tomorrow.” Our teachers even taught us a song which we sang every morning during assembly while matching to our various classes.

“Parents Listen to your children . . . children

We are leaders of tomorrow . . . tomorrow

Try to pay our school fees . . . school fees

And give us the right education . . . education”

All good! Our parents have done their parts by giving us basic education so that when the “tomorrow” finally comes we will live up to becoming leaders. Decades afterwards, most of the children are now mothers, fathers and a few grandparents, yet barely have the opportunity to lead. Is it possible that our teachers must have lied to us about becoming today’s leaders, or could it be that today is not the tomorrow they talked about yesterday?

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The youths are unfulfilled about having several mind-blowing ideas and establishing none. The leaders of yesterday are still leading today and are hoping to lead after tomorrow. Youths are gradually made to feel irrelevant to the growth of a country at the verge of tremendous economic meltdown. It’s even worse for fresh graduates, especially Corps members, who after serving the country, joins the multitude to wait for a tomorrow that seems like a mirage.

Corps Members

The world has evolved from the ape eras where age-acquired wisdom is needed to succeed. It is now a tech era where the smartest brains with the newest innovation survives. Today, China is a leading country in terms of technology because of several inventions that were made possible by its youths, most of them not more than 40-years old.

Some may argue this ideology, but with age comes depreciation in learning, innovation and recreation – even biology proves that through reproduction. The elderly may come handy in giving advice which does not necessarily come from experience, but from a longer stay on earth. However, when it comes to conceiving and implementing award- winning ideas, the younger generation has it.

Nigeria needs to upgrade out of a third world country. Therefore, having a president who applies knowledge from a thirty-three-year-ago experience to a fast-moving world of today, would only take us back to 1983. This is the same issue that triggered the anger of Audu Maikori the Lawyer, as well as similar topics aired by Kaffy the dancer, Etcetera the singer-turned writer, Joseph Benjamin the actor, and Ali Baba the comedian among other Nigerians/celebrities who lend their voices to a course #ChangeNigeria #LetTheYouthsLead.

Interestingly, the youngest governor in the current administration, Alhaji Yahaya Bello of Kogi state, is 40-years old, while the next closet age to that is Benedict Ayade of Cross River State who is 47-years old. Those aside, every other state leaders are 50-years and above, not agile enough to hop on to the world’s moving train of change that is needed to take the nation to its promise land.

Nigerian Leaders
Alhaji Yahaya Bello of Kogi state

Check out the difference in results between the world’s oldest leader, President of Zimbabwe who is 92 years and Kim Jong-un, who at the aged of 32 is the supreme leader of North Korea – the world’s youngest head of government. Or should I mention popular Barack Obama of the United States of America? Although he is 54-years old, he was made president at the age of 47. However, it would be unfair to compare his government with that of our President-turned-tourist.

When a competition gets tough, people bring out their best leg forward. Let the elderly sit back for a while and watch the young do things like it should be done in the 21st century. A growing man has better solutions on how to develop himself, his ideas as well as his country, and that is exactly who Nigeria needs. A young leader is what I, a concerned Nigerian writer who may one day get married to a non-Nigerian and change citizenship, desire. Notwithstanding, I beg to ask “Who are the True Leaders of Nigeria’s Tomorrow?”

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