Meet The Beautiful Young Woman From Nigeria Who Lives In A Basin


This story of a young woman who live in a basin in Nigeria is an unmitigated life lesson that will make you thankful for your life. She’s only 19 years old and her name is Rahama Haruna. When poor Rahama was born with this disability that has no remedy, people religiously believed she had suffered an attack of spirits (either evil or good). Her parents sought for traditional medicine and a witch told them there was nothing to do. With superstitious belief, the witch told her parents that she was born healthy but one day an angel or a demon crossed her path to make her never to walk the land. Rahama pushed forward even though different emotionally draining stories of her condition keep trying to pull her down. Nobody knows the truth behind her condition traditionally, but science and medicine has no answers either.  

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According to Rahama, her life hasn’t been easy since she can’t do a lot that she would’ve loved to do. She stated that she grew to understand that she does not look like other people and accepted her situation wholeheartedly.

Her brother who is 14 year old has been carrying the green bowl over his head to travel the 25 kilometers separating their home in downtown Warawa and Kano where his sister begs for alms as passersby look away from that heartbreaking scene until now.

Alhaji Ibrahim M. Jirgi, a businessman and former correspondent for the BBC presented the gift of a wheelchair to the poor girl and called a photojournalist to cover it because he wanted to present to the world what this woman goes through.

Alhaji was out for a days shopping at the mall when he sighted a guy who was carrying a basin on his head, with the face of a beautiful woman inside the plastic bucket begging. He then informed Maikatanga Sani, a freelance photographer in Kano, to take the cruel snapshot of this young woman and take it online. 


The hand of the beautiful disabled teenager wearing a red hijab as required by Islam moved a wooden stick as she smiles for every faint good that comes her way particularly now that she travels on the wheelchair that was gifted to her rather than on her brother’s head. She counted herself lucky to be alive. 

In a tiny little voice like the flame of a candle, Rahama smiles from ear to ear, saying:

I am lucky to be alive in good health. Apart from my disability, I’ve learned to grow up without friends in life. My family are the only friends I have. It took me a long time to understand that not all people are equal. I don’t care. I consider myself lucky to be alive “. 

Fahad, her brother says:

“The doctors told us that it wasn’t a thing that the medicine could cure, so we had to resign ourselves to this life without body.

According to Alhaji Ibrahim,

Just the sight of a teenager stuck in a plastic container should be enough to move anyone in their right minds

Rahama Haruna was photographed in Kano city where she lives by Sani Maikatanga. The beautiful-faced young woman with little body begs for alms while stuck in a basin. And as with this kind of images, it needs not to be explained what the young woman goes through because of her disability. The image pierced the hearts of many who had come across the photo so much that an account is being proposed to be opened on her behalf to allow people who would love to help deposit some cash for her upkeep. Currently, Sani and Alhaji Ibrahim are planning to open an account for Rahama this week.

Rahama with her family: 


We will keep you updated when an account is finally opened in case you want to render any help to her. One fact that can’t be overlooked is that Rahama is beautiful and needs the help of everybody.

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