Meet Sharon Oyakhilome, One of Chris Oyakhilome’s Daughters

Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome – Frimpong (Born on August 11, 1993; Age: 30 years old) is a Nigerian Gospel minister, singer, songwriter, bandleader, art director, and leader of the “Lit Church London. She is also the daughter of Chris Oyakhilome, the renowned pastor.

Sharon is the daughter of the famous billionaire pastor and founder of Loveworld Incorporated minister Chris Oyakhilome. But over the years, her hard work and dedication to her career have helped to build her a meaningful reputation as one of the most successful ministers in the world. Get to know more about Sharon Oyakhilome’s life and success story as you read further.

Sharon Oyakhilome’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome – Frimpong
  • Nickname: CSO
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: August 11, 1993
  • Sharon Oyakhilome’s Age: 30 years old
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sharon Oyakhilome’s Husband: Phillip Frimpong
  • Sharon Oyakhilome’s Children: Arielle Rachelle-Marise (Daughter)
  • Sharon Oyakhilome’s Parents: Chris Oyahkilome and Anita Oyakhilome
  • Siblings: Charlyn Oyakhilome (Sister)
  • Sharon Oyakhilome’s Net worth: $1-5 million
  • Famous for: Pastor Chris’s Daughter
  • Sharon Oyakhis Instagram: @Carissasharon

The 28 Year Old Sharon Oyakhilome Hails from Edo State

Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome was born in England on August 11, 1993, but she is an indigene of Edo state, South-South Nigeria. Sharon’s exact age has been controversial for several years, but the starlet succeeded in putting all speculations to rest when she revealed her real age as 30 and not the much lesser ages many media outlet has speculated.

Sharon is not the only child of her parents – Pastor Christian Onehirokpeana Oyakhilome and his wife, Anita Ebhodaghe. She has a younger sister called Charlyn Oyakhilome. Charlyn is a UK-based entrepreneur, aesthetician, and director at Body Crush London Ltd – a company that deals with hairdressing and beauty and health services.

Sharon’s parents separated in 2016 after a marriage of over two decades. Anita Oyakhilome had filed for divorce, citing Pastor Chris, as he is fondly called by his followers, of “adultery” and “unreasonable behaviour.” The pastor had, on the other hand, denied the allegations and further described his estranged wife as being bitter and wanting to “Overpower” the authorities of the elders in the Christian ministry.

Though a daughter of a famous gospel minister, Sharon appears to be quite private with information about her personal life which is why further information about her educational qualifications cannot be found. But we sure do know that she is an educated young woman.

How Sharon Oyakhilome Began Her Music Career

Sharon started off as a music leader at her father’s church. As a child, she was a member of the church choir in the UK branch of Loveworld Inc., aka Christ Embassy Church, where her mum was the head pastor.

While growing up in a multifaceted and global ministry owned by her father, Pastor Chris, CSO, as she is fondly called, handled some key positions, particularly in the music department of the church. She eventually rose to fame in gospel music ministry after releasing her first song, “I’m Excellent,” in 2013, and since then, she has not looked back.

Her Music Performance over the Years

Growing up under the tutelage of her father, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, Sharon had the luxury of cultivating in her mind consciousness of the Word of God. She also worked on her musical talent, believing that the art of worship music is one of the best instruments for spreading the gospel around the world.

2018 saw young Sharon’s further rise to fame with the release of two major Christian music hits –  “Joy” and “Holy Spirit.” Her strong sense of devotion was instrumental in her writing and production of these songs, which became popular in churches around the world with ‘Holy Spirit, going on to win the popular Worship Song of the Year.

Growing further in her music career, CSO continued to perform live in several International programs and services organized by Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM). She was at the International Music Concert, Loveworld Festival of Music and Art, Loveworld International Music and Art Award, and several other programs organized by the ministry.

On June 30, 2020, the starlet released her first EP titled “CSO,” which she is also known as. The EP contains five songs; “Big God,” “Blessed & Favoured,” “Lit,” “Hope of Glory,” and “Sauce.” A few months into her 27th birthday, Sharon released her second EP called “The Other Side.”

The EP contains six soul-lifting songs on its tracklist; “I Trust in You,” “You Deserve it All,” “Hallelujah,” “Holy Are You Lord,” “No Other Name,” and “In Your Presence.” CSO songs also include I’m Flourishing, Holy Spirit, and Higher Life ft. Jeannine Zoe, Blessed and Favoured ft. Agent Snypa, Joy, etc.

List of Sharon Oyakhilome’s Songs

  • Big God,
  • Blessed & Favoured,
  • Lit,
  • I’m Excellent
  • Hope of Glory
  • Sauce
  • I’m Flourishing,
  • Holy Spirit,
  • Higher Life
  • I Trust in You,
  • You Deserve it All,
  • Hallelujah,
  • Holy Are You, Lord,
  • No Other Name
  • In Your Presence

For her dedication and talent in the Christian music world, Sharon has won for herself a number of notable awards. she received her first two awards in 2018 after releasing “Holy Spirit.” The song was known to win the 2018 “Song of the year” and “Worship song of the year” at the LIMA Awards. She may also have other awards and recommendations to her name in the gospel music ministry.

Aside from leading a very successful career in the Christian music world, 30 years old Sharon Oyakhilome is also known for her successful leadership of the Lit Church, which is located in London, United Kingdom.

Sharon Got Married in 2018 at the Age of 25

On October 6, 2018, UK-based Sharon Oyakhilome officially became the wife of her handsome Ghanaian fiance, Mr. Phillip Frimpong. The wedding ceremony, which happened in Lagos, Nigeria, witnessed the fusion of two different cultures coming into play and with several important dignitaries converging to grace the occasion. Their traditional marriage ceremony was held on October 4th of the same year in the bride’s home state.

The gospel artist and her husband got engaged in 2017, but they met each other for the first time in 2013 during the Global Youth Leaders Forum (GYLF). Their friendship grew over the years and metamorphosed into a deep affection that resulted in the beautiful wedding witnessed worldwide.

Sharon’s husband, Phillip Frimpong, is a renowned Ghanaian businessman based in the United Kingdom. The successful Ghanaian arts entrepreneur Phillip Frimpong works in the industry of traditional African designer prints and decorative fabrics – ONUA, where he is said to be the co-founder. On April 29, 2021, the couple welcomed their first child – a baby girl named Arielle Rachelle-Marise.

Sharon Oyakhilome’s Rumoured Engagement to Frank Edwards

In 2015, the UK–based daughter of Chris Oyakhilome was rumored to be engaged to a renowned gospel singer Frank Edward. The rumor about their alleged romance was fueled by a picture of Frank and Sharon Oyakhilome, which the male singer shared on his timeline during one of his tours outside Nigeria. Despite the excitement that this rumor fueled among fans and members of the Christ Embassy Church, neither of them came out to confirm or debunk the news.

Meanwhile, Sharon Oyakhilome’s marriage to her fiance Phillip Frimpong in 2018 also helped to put the rumors to rest. Frank is not yet married, but Sharon is living happily with her husband and daughter in the UK.


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