Meet Dr. Osato, The Nigerian Who Makes Drones For The US Army


Nigerians must be proud to know there’s another laureate out in the US, making drones for the US army. Dr. Osato Osemwengie, who is from Benin, Edo state, is reportedly building drones majorly used to trace and discover terrorists’ nests and many other purposes.

The report came from a Nigerian activist based in the US, Amb Osagie, who was able to identify Dr. Osato as a Nigerian. Osato as few people know him, lives a rather quiet lifestyle but as greatness can not be hidden, he is definitely bound to be discovered.

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Osato Osemwengie

Speaking of laureates, there are more talented Nigerians than meets the eyes out there, making the country proud. And if we recall, this is part of President Buhari’s administrative goal, ‘to produce more Nigerian laureates in Science and Technology’ In his statement, Buhari said:

I wish to assure this Council of my determination and commitment to ensure that as a nation, we will invest appropriately in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in order to guarantee our competitiveness in the continent and around the globe. Our goal to secure our nation, grow our economy, create jobs and fight crime can best be achieved if we embrace science and technology.

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More About Dr. Osato Osemwengie

Dr Osato is the founder and CEO of Ubiquity Interface Inc., which was set up in 2014. Find out More about him here.

Brains like this are what the government needs to lure back to Nigeria for what they have to offer. Not only does he (Osato) have first hand experience in aviation, as a director of Engineering at Marques Aviation Limited, his services can aid aspiring engineering students and other technical fields of study.

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