Meet Georgina Onuoha the Nollywood Actress, Model and TV Star

Georgina Onuoha (born 29th Sept. 1980) is a Nigerian Nollywood actress, scholar, businesswoman, and philanthropist. She started her career in the movie industry at 10 years and became famous after starring in Living in Bondage. Georgina has since been featured in many other movies and has continued her education which took her outside Nigeria and back.

Born in a family of six as the fifth child, Georgina grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. She had her early education and childhood at Lagos State before proceeding to continue her education abroad. Onuoha is not just an actress, she is also many other things. Find out more about this Nollywood actress, whether she is still acting, and other things she does for a living.

Georgina Onuoha’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Georgina Chigozie Onuoha
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 29th September 1980
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Age: 43 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: Lagos State University (LASU); Western Career College, Sacramento, California, United States; Trident University International, Cypress, California
  • Occupation: Actress, Businesswoman, Health worker
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Husband: Ifeanyi Igwegbe
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Children: 2 girls; Chigozie (the first child)
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Onuoha
  • Siblings: 5, including Uju Nwokolo
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Acting
  • Georgina Onuoha’s Instagram: @georginaonuoha
  • Twitter: @Georginaonuoha
  • Facebook: @Georgina Chigozie Onuoha

Georgina Onuoha is From Anambra State, Nigeria

The actress hails from Anambra State, Nigeria. However, she was born in Lagos State. She had her early childhood and education in Lagos State.

Georgina Onuoha was born into a family of six, where she is the fifth child. Not much is known about her parents and siblings as she is not open about them. Her father is an Army Engineer and Military Lecturer, while her mom is a teacher and businesswoman. Her parents are the type who would allow a child to pursue her dream for allowing Georgina to act at such a young age.

Onuoha Had Her Education both in Nigeria and Abroad

Just as we have mentioned earlier, Georgina spent her early childhood in Lagos state, Nigeria. There she had her primary, secondary school, and university education. For her secondary school education, she attended Badagry Grammar School, where she obtained her O’level. She then attended Lagos State University (LASU), where she acquired two degrees: one in International Law and Diplomacy and the other in International Relations and Strategic Studies.

The celeb didn’t stop at that. She proceeded to the Western Career College, Sacramento, California, United States, where she bagged another degree in Healthcare Administration. She also acquired her Master’s degree in Health Informatics from Trident University International, Cypress, California, in July 2018. She is currently studying Global Health and Public Policy for a Ph.D.

Onuoha reached this level in her life to prove that she could make it in life without anyone’s help. She also urges parents to speak positivity into their kids and assure them that they can attain any height they want to in life.

Georgina Onuoha Started Her Career in Acting at 10 Years

The celebrity we see today didn’t just start acting at the age of 10. She said in an interview that she joined the church choir when she was 6 years old. Also, while in primary and secondary school, she was a member of the dramatic society. So, her passion for acting materialized some years before joining the movie industry.

Actress Georgina joined the Nigerian movie industry as early as 10 years of age. She played child roles because she was still one. Two years after she started acting, she shot into the spotlight with her role in the movie Living in Bondage. With this, she became a household name, and many producers wanted her in their sets. The fame she got from this movie was further enhanced by her role in the movie Egg of Life.

Georgina starred in many other movies before taking a 10-year break from acting to pursue her other dreams. She came back in 2016 with the production of the movie Ure – a movie that addresses wrong diagnoses in the health sector and is based on a true life story. She also starred in the movie. After this, we have not seen more of her, maybe she has gone back to her life away from the screens.

List of Georgina Onuoha’s Movies and TV Shows 

Since her entrance into the movie industry, actress Georgina Onuoha has starred in over 50 movies before her big break. Below is a list of the movies and TV shows she starred in.

  • Egg of Life – 2003
  • Living in Bondage – 1992
  • Emotional Tears – 2003
  • Young Masters – 2006
  • Without Shame – 2005
  • Golden Heart – 2007
  • Die Another Day – 2004
  • Wrong Desire – 2008
  • Secret Adventure – 2005
  • Home Apart – 2005
  • Moment of Truth – 2005
  • Saviour – 2006
  • Women at Large – 2007
  • Occultic Wedding – 2006
  • Just Me – 2005
  • Final Whistle – 2000
  • Valentino – 2002
  • Ure – 2016

Georgina Has Been on a Break in Her Acting Career Since 2006

Besides acting and her career in the entertainment industry, Onuoha has worked in other firms abroad as an administrator, analyst, and auditor. When she was away from her acting career, which started in 2006, and being a US resident, she took up some jobs in order to foot her bills and take care of her kids.

She worked as an administrator at Dr. Nwangburuka’s (MD) Private Medical Practice and Quality Assurance Auditor at North American Healthcare Inc. Also, she has worked as a Data Analyst and Quality Assurance Auditor for Allmed Medical Corporation, Sacramento, California, from 2017 to date.

It is important to note that she suffered from an unnamed sickness for 8 years, as she revealed in 2016. We don’t have enough information concerning this because she has not said more about it. However, in 2019, she had a successful surgery. She came back to acting in 2016, but she has not starred in any recent movies.

Actress Georgina Was Married to Ifeanyi Igwegbe

Georgina Onuoha got married to Ifeanyi Igwegbe, a US-based medical doctor, in 2006. They met through a friend and got married. After the wedding, Georgina moved to the United States with her husband, where they lived and built their home. The union produced two children, all girls. The first child was born in 2007 and named Chigozie, and she posts about their achievements and milestones on her social media pages.

In 2015, the marriage, which was nearly a decade, crashed, and they divorced. Reasons for their divorce bothered Ifeanyi’s recklessness as he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). This led to the withdrawal of his medical license and later on, to their divorce.

Before this incident, there was another incident where his license was suspended for some time for the same reason and many others. Onuoha took the bull by the horn and went for a divorce. She announced the divorce on her Instagram page and admitted that she still has respect for the father of her girls and that they are still friends.

Georgina Has Courted Some Controversies Over the Years

Fame goes with controversies and scandals, most times in the celebrity world. Most Nigerian actors and celebrities have been involved in one controversy or another, and the star actress Onuoha is not exempted.

Georgina is the type that stands up for herself and never ceases to clear the air whenever she is caught up in any controversy. She is also one that airs her own opinion any time, any day, without fear or favor. And anytime she is caught up in any controversy, she comes out stronger. Let’s take a look at some of the controversies Georgina has been involved in and how she came out of them all.

She was Rumored to Be One of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Girlfriends

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Recently, in July 2022, a blogger released a list containing the names of some Nollywood actresses who he claimed have had an affair with the Omega Fire Ministries International overseer, Apostle Johnson Suleman. Onuoha was named with other actresses like Queen Nwokoye, Vivian Metchie, and Shan George.

When Onuoha saw this, she took to her Instagram page to refute this claim and speak of how good the pastor has been to many, especially herself. In the post made on her page, the actress denied the accusation of being one of the pastor’s numerous girlfriends. She said that the pastor has been good to her and that he helped her when she was broken. She continued that Apostle Suleman has helped many in the Nollywood and music industry and that she will come out any day to speak well of the pastor.

Also, Georgina recalled one of such rumors and accusations against the pastor that happened sometime in 2017. She spoke up then in favor of the pastor and still maintains her ground to date. She also added that if anyone has a problem with the pastor, he should trash it out with him personally without looking for innocent celebrities to tarnish their images alongside that of the pastor.

Georgina Called Yul Edochie A Stray Dog Over His Infidelity

Georgina Onuoha
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The saying goes that those who live in a glass house do not throw stones. Still, on the Suleman saga, the Nollywood actor Yul Edochie made a comment that provoked Georgina Onuoha to call him out and throw his sins to his face. Yul wrote that those celebrities who were named in Suleman’s scandal should be made to face social media backlash. On seeing this, Onuoha called him out and told him to call her name and talk to her directly.

Georgina reminded him that he was still a child when she made a name in Nollywood, and he would continue to be a child. She also made reference to his polygamy and infidelity problem. Georgina slammed him by saying that he could not be faithful to his wife, which was why he committed adultery, had a child outside his home, and covered it up with polygamy.

The actress spoke of the respect she has for his father, Pete Edochie, and his family, which was why she wouldn’t insult him. She also assured him that some of those named by the faceless coward, as she calls the blogger, are decent people, unlike him.

We recall that in June 2022, Onuoha wrote to Yul in reaction to his post about being like King David in the Bible. She said that our tradition accepts polygamy, but he used it to cover his adulterous deed. And that God punished men in the bible who committed adultery. Therefore, Georgina condemned his actions of impregnating another woman while still married to his wife, and marrying her to cover up without informing his first wife. She said that his actions were wrong and he failed traditionally and spiritually.

Onuoha and the Snitch Lady, Kemi Olunloyo

In 2017, Kemi Olunloyo, a journalist and blogger, accused Georgina of being part of a N10 million fraud scandal and asked her to clear herself. Onuoha did not come to clear herself as she expected; rather, she investigated Kemi and came out with shocking facts about her. Meanwhile, Kemi has been in the game of dragging celebrities, especially Nollywood actors, into controversies leaving them to defend themselves.

After her investigations, Georgina discovered that Kemi was a fugitive who was wanted for crimes against kids and minors by the State of Georgia. She found out that Kemi has five arrest warrants from the Sheriff in Georgia for failing to appear in court for charges that include simple battery, bail jumping, cruelty to children, terroristic intimidation of a court officer, and obstruction of an officer.

Onuoha called on Kemi to apologize to her and her colleagues whom she had tormented in the past, else, she would speak more of her numerous crimes. In another post, she called out the journalist and blogger to a spot where they would meet, and she would beat her up so that she would stop dragging people’s reputations into the mud.

Her Reaction to Tiwa Savage’s Leaked Sex Tape

Following the alleged sex tape of the famous singer Tiwa Savage in 2021, Onuoha took to her Instagram page to write about this issue. In her post, she urged Nigerian and African women to stop dating thugs and street boys.

In addition, she said that someone who loves you would never record your intimate moments, let alone post them on the internet. She also said advised women to avoid any act that will dent their image because the internet never forgets. They should leave good legacies for their children and grandchildren.

Georgina Onuoha’s View on the Abolition of Abortion

Following the abolition of the right to abortion by the US Supreme Court in 2022, actress Georgina Onuoha took to social media to voice her opinion on the decision. She said that God is the highest killer of children as he ordered and killed many children in the bible, from the flood to Sodom and Gomorrah.

That notwithstanding, she said that women should be allowed to make decisions regarding their reproductive lives. Also, she said that religion should not influence the law of the state. With these views, she sparked many reactions, as most fans are against her opinion on this issue.

Onuoha Blasts Pastor Becky Paul-Enenche for Her Post on Divorce

Georgina Onuoha
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In April 2022, Pastor Becky made a post on social media condemning divorce as it affects children more. She urged people to be sure of their partners before getting married to them. On the issue of divorce, she said that divorce is not an option because the children’s lives will be affected mainly. In her post, she said that wayward and rough children are products of divorced homes. This post came at a time when the gospel singer Osinachi died of domestic violence; therefore, it didn’t go down well with many people.

In her reaction to this post, Georgina slams the pastor saying that her license as a medical practitioner should be revoked. She said that many women die in marriages because of the preaching and teachings of such pastors. On biblical grounds, Onuoha said that God did not institute marriage for women to die from abuse. Georgina advised women who are caught up in abusive marriages to speak up and leave the marriage.


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