US Rapper Meek Mill Disses Drake And Nicki Minaj On Latest Tracks


US Rapper Meek Mill Disses Drake And Nicki Minaj On Latest Tracks

On his 30th birthday, US rapper Meek Mill released three new tracks — “$lay,” “Backboard” and “Left Hollywood,”

The rapper thoroughly dissed his old foes, Drake and Nicki Minaj in his latest tracks, showing he isn’t done with the beefs.

Despite Drake’s decision to retire from playing “Back To Back” live (possibly in order to play more recent tracks going at Meek), Meek seems happy to return some fire on “$lay.”

Meek Mill on the track made specific reference to the ghost-writing allegations that began the feud between the two MCs.

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He rapped:

“Back in this b**ch and you know we reloaded/ Look at the credits to tell you who wrote it.”

Also in the song, he takes another jab at anyone who found success by being inauthentic, saying:

“Maybe I’ll sell if I rap and I lie/ Maybe I’ll sell if I let niggas write it.”

In the same manner, Meek explicitly refers to Drake’s More Life playlist in a bar on “Left Hollywood,” flipping it to say:

“Go to war like we got like four lives/ Talkin’ before like, all this lil’ rap sh*t/ Where I’m from if you turn 18, then that’s More Life for real n***a.”

Interestingly, since Meek’s beef with Drake has come and seemingly gone, Meek has made a couple of new enemies.

Meek has specifically initiated fresh beef with his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

The rapper, who allegedly provided some info to Remy Ma during her infamous feud with Nicki, alludes to that very beef while dissing Nicki on “$lay.”

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He said:

“I’m on the roof with that scope/ When I hit them little b**ches like Remy my nigga.”

He also began the same verse by saying:

“Woke up this morning, I had a ménage,” a possible reference to Nicki, as well as an update on his current romantic situation.

At the moment, both Nicki and Drake have not responded to Meek Mill’s diss tracks.

However, if history is anything to go by, fans would not have to wait for long before a response comes from both the rappers.