Igbo Girls Are Neater, More Respectful, Less Problematic, Have Sexier Bodies, Cook Better Than Yoruba Ladies – OAP Freeze


Based on some personal experiences and observation, popular on-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze, born Ifedayo Olarinde, has advised Yoruba men to marry Igbo women if they want to be successful.

The radio personality who is famed for showing off his expensive wristwatch collections, shared his advise to Yoruba men, listing the various positive traits inherent in Igbo women which formed the basis of his opinion.

Below is what he wrote:

”If you are Yoruba and you are male, and you want to be successful in life marry an Igbo woman. ~ Chiekezi Dozie.

”I kinda agree…especially since I am Yoruba myself…From my ‘little’ experience, gathered during my university days and early bachelorhood and with body count on both sides, (before I gave my life to Christ), I can, through my own experience, say that Igbo girls are so much cleaner, more respectful, value marriage more, less argumentative and problematic, treat husbands better, are more beautiful, have sexier bodies, are more family oriented, cook better and are much more enterprising than Yoruba ladies.

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”Unfortunately, I have never dated a Hausa, Fulani, Efik or Kalabari woman so I can’t comment on those. But if I were to pick between Yoruba and Igbo women, Na Igbo all the way o! Igbo kwenu! ~FRZ”

igbo women
Marrige To Igbo Women Guarantees Success – OAP Freeze

He added:

“It’s not fight o, if you agree tell me why, and if you disagree let’s disagree amicably, as your experience could have been totally different from mine. #MenTalk”

This comment would have been described as tribalistic by many people if it were made by a man from the Igbo tribe. But coming from a full-blooded Yoruba man, it means there could be some truth to it.

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Mr. Freeze is actually not the first Yoruba man to notice that there is a ‘success spirit’ which follows Igbo women and rubs off on any man attached to them. Some time ago, I stumbled on an article written by a Yoruba man who happened to have made the same observation. He asked;

“What precisely is it about Igbo women that have made them excel in public office, business, politics, the arts, the sciences, religion, leadership and social activism  in just the last 12 years when compared to their counterparts from other parts of our country?”.

“They are all well-educated, forceful, strong-willed, focused, creative, disciplined, passionate and decisive characters who are almost ”German-like” in their work ethic and in their pursuit of excellence and perfection. They really don’t take any prisoners when it comes to their work or calling and they all do their jobs, or whatever it is that they are doing, with an almost ‘messianic’ zeal.

Although he acknowledged that there are many Yoruba female legends shining in different circles of life, he added, “however in the last 12 years the Igbos seem to have taken over in this respect and are now well ahead of the rest of Nigeria”.