Mark Zuckerberg In Lagos: Visits Yaba, Plans To Meet Facebook Connector


The world already knows the founder of Facebook, Mark  Zuckerberg, to be a very simple man, so hearing he came into Nigeria silently, may not sound as a shocker.

Unlike other billionaires who would make a hullaballoo off such a visit, the world’s fifth richest man sneaked into Lagos, escaping the media’s knowledge.

Prior to his visit, Mark  Zuckerberg and his wife had wrapped up a much-publicised trip to Rome, but Nigeria was not mentioned as his next stop and the reason might be because it was a brief and calculated trip.

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Being his first time to Africa, Mr. Zuckerberg made his first stop at Sabo Yaba, Co-Creation Hub (CC Hub), were he spent some time with techies and children learning how to code at a summer school.

Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos

Mark Zuckerberg is also backing the coding start-up which is based in Lagos and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative reportedly contributed about $24 million to the start-up of the company. Also, as part of his itinerary in Nigeria, Mark kicks off a Facebook’s developer workshop today, Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

During the workshop, Facebook Product, Partnerships, and Engineering teams will provide participants with exclusive, hands-on instruction via code-labs, tech-talks, and updates on the latest Facebook Platform products designed to help build and grow successful businesses.

Reports also says that Facebook is partnering with Cool Link to set up Express Wi-Fi hotspots in various parts of Lagos, all these were his reasons for the surprise visit.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Facebook Connector, Gaius Chibueze, the Abuja-based entrepreneur who plans to meet all his 5,000 Facebook friends saw Mark’s visit as an opportunity to connect with the founder, thus contacted Mark Zuckerberg.

“Welcome to Nigeria Sir Mark Zukerberg, ” he wrote. “Your presence in Nigerian is indeed a turning point in Nigeria’s social media world. My name is Gaius Chibueze, a Nigeria who wants to be the first person in the history of the world to meet in real life with all my 5,000 Facebook friends.(Project ongoing)

“The aim of my project The Connector World Tour for Charity is to bring together facebook users who have close ties here on facebook but haven’t met in life. With this project, Such persons will have the opportunity of meeting one on one in real life. And it also seeks to use your medium to bring hope to the indigents in society.

“On hearing your arrival to Lagos this afternoon, i am currently on an 10hours night journey from Abuja to Lagos just to see and interact with you. Meeting with you has be my dream. Your positivity is a trait i truly admire. Availing me the opportunity of being with you tomorrow is a life time experience i will forever remain grateful. Facebook has indeed made the world a global village. Thank you for recognizing Nigeria as one of the users of Facebook in Africa and the world at large.”

After which, he had a direct conversation with Mark:

Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos

Well, Mr. Facebook connector arrived Lagos this morning, after a long 10-hour night trip from Abuja, all in a feat to meet Mark. We wish him all the best in his endeavor.