3000 Maritime Workers Loses Job As Shipping Companies Shut Down


Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN, yesterday, said that over 3000 dock workers have lost their jobs in the last one year following the shutting down of not less than 20 shipping companies, in the country due to unfavourable government’ policies.

President-General of the union, Mr. Anthony Emmanuel, who disclosed this at a briefing, also lamented that the jobs of over 2000 Maritime workers were also on the line and called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene to save the sector from imminent collapse.

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Emmanuel who declined to name the affected shipping companies, said they were verifiable in the ports, however warned that many more shipping companies were on the verge of  folding up and were only doing skeletal services at the moment.

maritime workers

He also decried the action of the management of Nigeria Ports Authority, NPA, who he said are also planning to sack a section of the Dockworkers, especially the Tally Clerks and Onboard Security men in spite of their importance and relevance in the Port operations, as it affects the reoccurring scourge of tonnage under declaration and its negative impact on the nation’s economy.

He reiterated however, that Tally Clerks and Onboard Security men be allowed to continue the critical job of uncovering and discouraging under tonnage which is often done with the unholy collaboration of NPA, shipping companies, agents and terminal operators. The Tally Clerks and onboard security men are capable of preventing these economic crimes as they were doing through their independent and physical tallying process.

Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and other private sector operators had on Tuesday painted a gloomy picture of how the foreign exchange restriction placed on 41 items by the Central Bank of Nigeria had affected operations in the business sector.

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According to them, the restriction order which was placed last year by the apex bank have forced about 272 firm out of business, leading to 180,000 job losses.