Shit Happens! Mariah Carey Dishes Out Blame For Her Flopped New Year Eve Performance


2016 didn’t end well for popular American singer, Mariah Carey as her last performance for the year, which was also her first for 2017 was a huge disaster.

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Mariah Carey was scheduled to perform on New Year’s Eve at Times Square, unfortunately, there were some technical issues and she couldn’t sing at all.

As seen in the video [below] Mariah Carey kept saying she wasn’t hearing the sound because her ear piece was faulty. At a

At a point, she tried to lip sync and at some other points she just mopped at her audience, walked around the stage and asked the crowd to sing on her behalf.

Well, this could have happened to anyone but the media won’t allow this pass as it relates to the Diva who is known for her sonorous and wide-range vocals.

However, Mariah and her team, Dick Clark Production claimed that the production team of the event are to be held responsible for her floppy performance as she complained to them earlier that her ear piece was ‘choppy’ but they did nothing about it.

On the other hand, the production team accused Mariah Carey for contributing to the mess; she didn’t show up for vocal rehearsals.

On the contrary, her team shared photos and a video where Carey was rehearsing with her back-up dancers before her performance. So who is to blame?

Meanwhile, prior to this disaster, fans of Mariah were not cool with her for showing up late for a performance at the city’s First Direct Arena.

According to reports, she was supposedly due on stage at 20:45 (local time) for the latest installment of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy show – but instead arrived at 21:30.

notwithstanding, she delivered an impressive and energetic performance. A way better one than the New Year Eve’s which led her to tweet ‘Shit happens.’