Black Magic! Man’s Manhood Moves To His Knee After Sex With Another Man’s Wife

The fear of African magic is the beginning of wisdom! There are two things to grab from this story especially for the men. One is that black magic is real in Africa and the other is that another man’s wife is a no go zone. Therefore, be careful lest your manhood puts you in trouble!

It is common in Kenya for husbands to catch cheating wives by arranging with a native doctor to make the adulterous woman and her partner get stuck during sex but nothing like this has ever been seen or heard before, a man’s genitalia being relocated to a different part of his body!

According to a report on Daily Post Kenya, the unfortunate man came out to beg for forgiveness after sleeping with the wife of a man from Luo in Kenya. He had to publicly do that because his manhood shifted to his knees after he had sex with the married woman.

Many believe the man put a curse on his wife after finding out she was cheating. Photos of the unidentified ‘illegal lover’ were making rounds on WhatsApp among Kenyans, showing the cheating man’s predicament.

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Using the popular method of nabbing an adulterous wife, a Kenyan man who suspected his wife of cheating on him used black magic to punish the duo. Having no evidence to prove his wife’s infidelity, the woman’s husband asked the help of a witch doctor to catch her.

The witch doctor allegedly placed a curse on the woman which would cause the organ on the man to be stuck inside the cheating wife. Subsequently, the woman and her lover were caught by the angry husband who called the police. Unfortunately, the police were unable to tear the lovers apart.

The husband allegedly refused to break the spell, which prompted the lover to offer him a $205 or 20,000 shillings payment for the damage and embarrassment from the scandal they caused the couple.