Unbelievable! Lagos Ritualist Transforms Into A Keke Maruwa After He Did This [Must Read For Parents]


When you think you’ve heard the strangest of stories, another chilling one comes right on time to prove you wrong! This time, it’s coming straight from Lagos State. According to a social media user who shared the unbelievable story, a man allegedly turned into a tricycle (keke maruwa) in the Pedro area of Shomolu, Lagos state, after he was forced to pick up a key which he dropped on the road.

It was reported that the man accosted a young boy and asked him to pick up a key which he (the man) threw on the ground, but the boy refused despite the man’s insistence. The scenario attracted the attention of people around and the man told everyone who cared to listen that the boy was being rude. But the crowd, sensing foul play, forced the man to pick up his key by himself and….Boooom! He turned into a keke maruwa.

Read post below:

“Please parents, teachers and guardians, continuously educate your wards on the need to be careful and not talk to strangers on the road. An incident occurred at Pedro, Shomolu on Tuesday 22/11/12, precisely at famous bus stop. A man stopped a child returning from school and asked him to pick up a key from the ground.

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“The child refused asking why the man couldn’t pick it up himself and this got the man agitated and he started shouting at the child saying he lacked respect for his elders and all sorts but the child still refused.

“This attracted the attention of passers-by and luckily, a police van was passing by and they stopped to find out what the problem was. After listening to the man, they asked the child who owned the key and the boy replied that it was for the man so the police got suspicious and asked the man to pick up the key. He refused and was forced to. Immediately he picked the key, he turned into a brand new tricycle (keke maruwa)! Everybody ran away and even the police men were scared.

“The tricycle was eventually pushed to the Pedro police station. This is a real life incidence and anyone in doubt can go to the Pedro police station to ascertain the authencity of this post. When the man’s wife was called to the station, she said her husband comes home everyday with a brand new tricycle and gives it to people on higher purchase and she didn’t know where he got them from.

“These ritualits are more desperate to make money and they device new means everyday but i pray that God will continue to protect our children and increase them in wisdom.”

May God Save Us All.

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