Man Tells Court How Wife Tears His Boxers To Rape Him


When a woman reports a rape case, it sounds annoying but usual. When its the other way round, it becomes weird and somewhat funny. A retired soldier, Gafaru Rodoye, told an Igando Customary court in Lagos that his wife rapes him, and usually tears his boxers in the process. But like we already know, when sex happens forcefully and without the consent of one party, it is simply called rape, no matter who is involved.

“My wife always rape me; she had turned all my boxers to rags to achieve her selfish aim,” the old soldier said.

Gafaru Rodoye and his wife have been married for 20 years and they have five children together. The petitioner said that his wife was in the habit of threatening his life through beating and that he was afraid she might kill him one day.

“I had to run away from my 16-flat building to rent an apartment elsewhere just to avoid her frequent beatings, but she trailed me to my new apartment to fight me. I have reported her severally to different police stations, but it did not yield any positive result,” he said.

Gafaru said that his wife poured hot water on the new wife that was brought for him from the village by his family. He begs the court to grant him permission to leave his wife as his continuous marriage to her is a threat to his life. He also said as a pensioner he deserves to enjoy the fruit of his labor, but his callous wife wont allow him.

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Meanwhile, the accused woman, Mrs Idiat Rodoye, said she never raped her husband, that it was normal for husband and wife to make love. The respondent said that she did not beat her husband, but it was her husband that was always beating her. The 44-year old business woman also said that her husband removed the plasma television, air conditioner and disconnected the electricity supply from her flat, leaving her and the children in darkness, also adding that he patronizes other women.

“My husband runs after anything in skirt; he always sends me packing from the house whenever he wants to bring in another woman. He once sent me out with the children for three years. After sending me out, he had married six different women, but none stayed long with him. He will always come back to beg me to pack back,’’ she said.

However,  Mrs Rodeye urged the court to grant her husband’s wish that she too was tired of the marriage and no longer in love. The was adjourned to April 5 for further hearing, by the Court President, Mr Adegboyega Omilola.