Man Stabs Pregnant Wife To Death, Says She Is Voodoo Priestess


Patrick Antoine allegedly stabbed his eight months pregnant wife, Margarette Mady, 37, to death. The 39-year-old Norwich man who stabbed his wife to death before setting their home on fire has told  the police his wife was a voodoo priestess and that he committed the crime to save himself from becoming a voodoo sacrifice.

Patrick Antoine arrived at the police station in Norwich, Connecticut, at 10.49am Thursday morning, covered in blood and admitting to the murder of his wife. He claimed Mady, who was eight months pregnant when she died, had been casting spells on him for years and had threatened to sacrifice him ahead of the child’s birth in July.

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Antonio and wife
Antonio and Late Mady

Antoine and Mady had been arguing in the kitchen of their apartment at 283-285 Franklin Street on the morning of the murder. When Mady left the room, Antoine slipped a steak knife into his pocket and they continued arguing until she started shoving him, at which point he stabbed her repeatedly in the head, face and feet.

Antoine then used a bic lighter to set fire to the curtains in the room and headed to the police station to turn himself in – arriving just as fire crews were dispatched. Mady was found unresponsive and badly burned, and was pronounced dead on the scene at 11.10am.

She was pregnant with her third child, which Antonio claims was not his child. The other two children were not in the house at the time of the incident. Mady’s cousin, who is also a neighbour and who called the fire brigade after she smelled burning coming from the apartment, said she wasn’t aware of any problems between the couple.

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Both Antoine and Mady worked at Foxwoods Resort Casino and had attended a Jehova’s Witness meeting shortly before her death. Antoine has been charged with first-degree murder and arson, and his bail has been set at $2million. Under Connecticut state law he cannot be charged with the death of the fetus.

He will go before a court again on June 20.