Story: Man Injected With HIV+ By His Father At 10mths Old


The original story from Newser reports an unimaginable act of a malicious father who injected his 10 months old son, Bryan Stewart (now 25 yrs), with HIV-positive blood.

According to GQ, when young Stewart (who bears the same name as his father) managed to turned 7 years old,  he had fevers, a swollen liver, chronic ear infections, fungus growing under his fingernails. He was on 23 oral medications. He had no immune system. A plague—the worst plague—swam the current of his blood.

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Doctors had advised his mother to prepare for his funeral which she did, picking out the little white suit Stewart had once worn as a ring bearer. However, burdened with health challenges at the age of 25, Stewart is not only surviving but being optimistic. He knew the story behind his condition and even though he went through years of grueling recovery, Stewart was not angry at his father.  He told KPLR-TV in 2013:

“I think there is salvation for everyone, and I find myself praying for my father’s salvation,”

“I don’t really feel anything about him. I don’t know what he thinks or what he does, but since I’ve forgiven him, that’s all I can do. Just live my life and show him what I’m made of.”

His Father was given a very ‘harsh’ life sentence for committing the crime, which the Judge described as the worst war crime any man can think of committing to anyone, much less, to an innocent baby. The six days court trial which held at St. Charles County, Missouri, was regarded by the media as the ‘trial of the century.’

Story: Man Injected With HIV+ By His Father At 10mths Old

According to the story, Stewart’s mother, standing before the court jury, read out the short words written by 7-year-old Stewart (through his mother because the boy was unable to write):

“Why did he do such a bad thing to me?”

“I think he shouldn’t ever be out of jail. He shouldn’t have done this.”

“Why can’t he say he’s sorry?”

His mother, Jennifer Jackson, struggled with the words as she read them to a jury and a judge. Judge Ellsworth Cundiff as recalled, addressed Brian Stewart directly after hearing the boy’s words.

“I believe that when God finally calls you, you are going to burn in hell from here to eternity, and maybe that’s the only justice that will come of this when you are finally gone.”

“My thought is that injecting a 10-month-old child with the AIDS virus really puts you in the same category as a war criminal, as the worst war criminal.”

The Judge did not hesitate with his judgement.

“The maximum I can do with you is life in prison. I don’t really think that is a very fair sentence, not with what your son is going to have to go through. He is going to die. We all know that.”

The convict, Mr. Brain Stewart, was reportedly a hospital technician before he injected his 10 months old son with tainted blood that led to full-blown AIDS because he didn’t want to pay child support to the boy’s mom, girlfriend Jennifer Stewart, when they broke up.


In the court documentation, he said:

“You won’t need to look me up for child support … because your son is not going to live that long.”

The story says Mr. Stewart was convicted in 1998 for having injected his son with the AIDS virus, and presumably still serving his life imprisonment sentence. The 25-year-old Stewart believes he can live past his present predicament and enjoy a normal life. Even have his own family someday. He told GQ:

“Man, either I could be sitting around being so mad at the situation, or I can sit around and have fun with it. Life’s about having fun, having adventures.”