Man Sets Himself On Fire In His Hotel Apartment In Abuja [PHOTOS]


In the early hours of Thursday, a frustrated man has set himself ablaze in a hotel apartment in Nyanya, a satellite town of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The deceased man, who is reported to be in his early 60’s locked himself in his apartment and set himself ablaze.

Dr. Isaac Ojukwu who hailed from Ohuhu in Umuahia area of Abia State had been staying in the apartment, Boundary Plaza Hotel Nyanya, for the past 5 years.

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The owner of the burnt Hotel apartments Prof. Sylvanus Itodo narrated the sad incident:

 “We were all sitting together that fateful night (Wednesday night) before he left to watch football match and I also left the hotel premises by 11pm, to go and sleep.”

“It was around 12am that I received a phone call from one of the boys in the hotel crying, that my hotel was on fire. Before I could get down here, the flame was everywhere; and it took the efforts of the Federal Fire Service to prevent the inferno from escalating to the surrounding houses”

burnt man

Investigation revealed that, the deceased who was married to a German woman with kids, but lived a lonely life without a trace of his family in his life.

An eye witness neighbor Ohize Yakubu narrates the incident:

“We went to watch Arsenal and Bayern match that night, I came back to the hotel and Dr. Isaac came in 5 minutes later. After some minutes, I started hearing strange sound from his room, which is directly opposite my room. He was not shouting loud enough, all I could hear was ‘yeh’, ‘yeh’.”

“At first, I was scared to open the door, because I didn’t know if it was a robbery attack, until I heard and recognised the voice of one of our neighbours, beckoning on Dr. Isaac to open the door and come out, shouting fire, fire.

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“Then I asked my wife to take my son and rush out of the building while I joined other neighbours and we forced his door open, we met him standing in the sitting room while fire was burning in the bedroom. He was unhurt, we then held his hands and asked him to follow us. All of a sudden, he struggled his way from our hands and ran into the burning room.”

“At this point, everyone ran back as the inferno had started escalating and all my belongings got burnt. My wife only escaped with my son. I was engaged in the process of rescuing Dr. Isaac, and lost all my belongings in the process”

He said, two ladies who just finished serving the NYSC and searching for jobs, were not that lucky, as they could not pick anything from their rooms, save for their night gowns. “They could not pick anything from their rooms”, Okem said.

The corpse has been deposited at the Asokoro General Hospital.

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