Guys, Will You Sack Your Wife For Doing This?


In every Church wedding, there is always a point where the officiating Minister says, “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder”.

It is however very disheartening that some half-baked women who happen to find themselves in the divine institution of marriage, have chosen to allow things as senseless as television soap operas tear their homes apart.

This is the story of an Abuja based pediatrician, Mr. Chibuzo Eze, who has threatened to divorce his wife due to her addiction to popular foreign soap opera, Telemundo and Zee world.

As reported by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Chibuzo Eze said in Abuja on Thursday: “I will divorce my wife if she doesn’t stop with this Zee world and Telemundo obsession”.

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Soap Operas

The medical practitioner who works with one of the government hospitals in Abuja, revealed that he had told his wife, Dorothy one week ago that her addiction to the popular soap opera was frustrating their marital relationship. He said:

“I told her last week that I was fed up with how her obsession with these channels was making her to neglect her duty as a wife and mother. Yet she keeps watching these shows when she’s supposed to be partaking in more important things like taking care of the children and cooking reasonable food for us”.

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Mr. Chibuzo disclosed that last week, he was forced to buy food from restaurants four times because his wife had either forgotten to prepare food for the family or burnt the food she was preparing because she was engrossed in soap operas, Zee world and Telemundo.

He said:

“Tell me, is this not enough to sue for divorce? As a doctor, I have a very hectic job and should come home to a tasty hot meal.  I have purchased foods from restaurants four times in the last week, because I came home to an empty pot or burnt food and this is unacceptable”. 

According to the embittered husband, this is after I talked and complained to her about the effect Zee world and Telemundo are having on her.

“On Tuesday, she forgot to pick our 10-year old daughter from school because she was watching her shows.

“If these careless acts continue, I will be forced to leave her, because I won’t appreciate coming home to a burnt down house one day”, he said with an air of finality.

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I’m yet to understand the ‘juju’ behind these foreign soap operas that is responsible for brainwashing it’s ardent followers to the point that they keep no track of time and completely forget their responsibilities.

Just recently it was reported that Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, Ibadan Airport, has prohibited staff and non-staff members from watching the popular and much loved Telemundo channel. Now you know why!