Question Poll: Would You Still Love Him If He Told You He Washes Corpses For A Living? [Read Story]


A young man based in the UK is recently going through tough times in his relationship as a result of the kind of job he does for a living. According to the guy who is a mortuary worker based in the UK, he makes a lot of money from washing dead bodies.

Over the years, he has been treating his girlfriend to extravagant international trips and a luxury lifestyle but their relationship took a bad turn when he told her the truth about his job. Since then, his girlfriend of two years has refused to pick his calls.

He shared to Joro:

“Hi, Bro Joro. Great work! My girlfriend of 2 years is in Nigeria. Now I think she is gone for good, I don’t feel the emotions anymore. Am so sad. Life means nothing anymore. Am here in the UK.

“I have a lot of money but it is not Yahoo money. I wash dead bodies for a living. It is real good money, my cousin introduced me to it years ago. I make millions. I treat my girlfriend to Dubai trips, London occasionally to see me. 

“I give her almost 200k a month for allowance. She’s beautiful but still schooling. I did not want to start this year with lies so I told her what I really do last month. Ever since then she doesn’t pick up my calls, it’s like she’s ashamed of me. I don’t know what to do. 

“Over the weekend, she called me and asked if I will still be upholding the allowance allocation monthly for the 200k. If I continue will she love me? She hasn’t been the same ever since I told her what I do. Advise me please.”

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Reacting to the above issue on social media, many people including young women, attacked the ‘misbehaving girlfriend’ calling her all sorts of names while some other ladies ceased the opportunity to let the young man know that they are available.

However, some group of people pitched their tents with the embattled girlfriend. Nitta Dibiah said; “I cannot date or even marry someone with that job. If you have enough money to the extent that you give her 200k monthly, and treat her to Dubai, then why not start a business and quit that job you’re doing. If not you’ll continue facing this same thing in your life. 

In the same vein, Gift Chime opined; “This kind of job ur doing, u don’t need to look at girls now, that huge amount of money ur spending on her use it for something better, u can’t wash dead bodies for ever!”.

Explaining the matter from a psychological point of view Tinuaiye Kemi Lizzy said; “Washing dead body is scary dear, not all girls can handle that, she might not be able to handle it. Hmmmm if in her shoes I can’t, keeping it has a secret from me would have been the best option, not about the cash tho, imagination alone that ur man works in a morgue and wash dead body is darn scary. Get a girl that can leave with that but certainly, not everyone can”.

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Lending their voices to that of the ladies Noah Daniel added that “no woman will be proud to be associated with such a man, no matter the amount of money he has, even me a guy will cut my friendship with such a person, if not for anything, but for the way sees human beings”. Oniskho Victor asked “If na you nkor?”. Continuing he advised the young man to quit the job and start up a business if he actually makes enough money like he said.

Confirming the plight of men who work in mortuaries with regards to relationships, a Ghanaian morgue attendant, Sharkur Lucas, revealed that the job has hindered him from having a woman of his own. Consequently, he has resorted to sleeping with female corpses to satisfy his libido.

“Sometimes if I want to ask a lady out, she will be afraid of me once she hears that I’m a mortuary man and turn me down. But when I’m in the mortuary sometimes, I will see a fresh female corpse and I will satisfy myself,” Lucas told Adom TV.

“The ladies sometimes say because I work in the mortuary, I will kill them if they accept my proposal. I have not done it once but many many times. Currently, I don’t have a wife and since I was born, I haven’t had sex with a fine girl”.

Mr. Sharkur Lucas said he does not see anything wrong with sleeping with female corpses. “Working with dead bodies is a talent that God gave me. I’m with the dead bodies every time, every day and it is as if I’m with another person,” the morgue attendant said.