Man Brutally Assaulted To Coma By Police, Reasons Will Amaze You


A young man in Yola, Adamawa state was allegedly brutally assaulted to the point of coma by the police for requesting to see ID cards of police officers who wanted to arrest two boys for possessing Indian hemp.

This incident has left the young man identified simply as Kabiru lying in the hospital since May 16th. His story as shared by a Facebook user alleges that on 16th of May around 10-11 am, 3 police officers in mufti came along Bauchi street in a tricycle.

They interrogated two boys and searched them, on searching them they found Indian hemp with one of them, they then arrested both of them.

Kabiru and some other boys intervened asking that the other guy who the police found nothing on him should be freed. They all testified that the boy does not take any intoxicants.

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kabiru brutally assaulted to coma by police 2

A graduate of crime management, Kabiru further inquired to know the identity of the said police officers, instead the officers showed him their guns.

An argument further ensued which had the Police officers call their patrol van. On sighting the patrol van, the boys including the one in question ran off.

Unfortunately for Kabiru, the police chased after them and caught up with the innocent Kabiru and took him to their cell in Doubeli in Jimeta. After beating him to the point of coma they took him to hospital.

His family were later in the night called (after denying access to him severally) to report to the station and evacuate their son’s body.

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Kabiru who is currently hospitalized at the male surgical ward FMC Yola, has since then been unable to even as utter a word. Only recently has he been able to open his eyes.