Man Goes Through Labour Pains To Know How It Is To Be A Mother


It’s a man’s world, we agree. But not when it comes to conceiving, going through pregnancy, labour pains and the whole post delivery stress of taking care of a baby. Just to prove to men that women deserve a standing ovation for being a full-time mother, a wife asked her husband to undergo a gruesome experiment similar to what she went through when having their children – twins. No man truly understands how uneasy, uncomfortable, and painful the child-bearing process is for women. If they knew they will not only treat their wives and mothers with profound respect but will honour all women. Here’s a glimpse of what this man went through – a life changing baby-father experience.

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His stomach was also clamped in order to create pain that will be equivalent to the labor pain a woman goes through when giving birth.

10 Days Home Stay

Just like a woman who just gave birth stays at home for at least 10 consecutive days, this man was made to stay in doors for 10 straight days, doing nothing but nurture the child – twins.

Nursing At Night

He was also forced to wake up at midnight to nurse the crying babies. He had to breastfeed them at the same time. The same ordeal his wife passed through.

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Changing Diapers

This is the worst job on earth – changing diapers, and it gets even worse when you have to do that for two babies. He found himself embracing nightmares of baby poo and irritating bowel smell, almost every two hours.

Reality Check

This course is aimed at changing the mindset of men with regards to how they treat their wives and girlfriends. If they knew better, they would act better, because being a mother is a tough and exhausting job.

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