Malia Obama Caught Smoking Marijuana And Flashing Undies In Public


Being 18 marks the beginning of adulthood and for Malia Obama, smoking weed is a way expressing her adulthood.

The first daughter of the President Barack Obama skipped attending the Democratic National Convention for a concert in Chicago where she was found doing unspeakable things.

The young lady who turned 18 last month, forgot her duties as the heir of the American president and the media attention that comes with that.

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Since yesterday, Miss Obama has been trending for the wrong reasons in what they call ‘good girl gone bad.’ She photobombed her friend’s selfie photograph or should I say was caught unawares by her friend’s camera while she was lost in the ecstasy of the smoke stick.

Malia Obama dragging weed

Malia Obama

Previously, the Harvard student-in-waiting, was also seen in a video some weeks back, flashing her panties while twerking.

An eyewitness swore the young lady had really been using the substance and American citizens are angry as the use of cannabis is considered a crime in most states. Malia and her younger sister, Sasha have been of great behavior these past eight years, living up to expectations as daughters of the most powerful man in the world.

Just last week, Sasha made the headlines for her humble move of taking up a job as a waiter in a restaurant, something the world applauded. Now this from Malia, what has gone wrong?

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Meanwhile, while the world chastises Miss Obama for her act, American singer, Chris Brown, who is also a smoker, doesn’t see anything bad in Malia taking some puffs in. “So what, it’s weed. She ain’t the president . . . Better worry about the substance TRUMP be on,” he shared in the comment section of a post on Malia.

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