Male Fertility – Foods Consumed Daily That Affects Sexual Health


There are a number of foods and substances we take daily without knowing the effects they cause to our body; in this case, we will be focusing on male fertility and sexual health. Because a particular food is prepared well or tastes good does not mean it is particularly good for your health.

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Here are some regular foods and substances we consume daily that are dangerous for your sperm cells and in the long term affects your sexual health. It is advisable to reduce your intake on them or if possible avoid them for a healthier sexual relationship.


Fried Foods

Male Fertility

After a busy day, while on the run, or right after that weekend event; we all know some deep fried food could be the best solution to a quick and sizzling meal. On the down side of it, the negative effects too much of fried food have to the body are not so pleasing.

It is somewhat a habit for men (Bachelor men) living in Nigeria to eat fried foods (fried yam, fried plantain, fried fish, fried this and fried that) daily and sometimes all in one sitting. It’s time to have a rethink of what you take in because high consumption of fried foods has been linked to many causes of erectile dysfunction and weak erection.

It is advisable to go for other healthier cooking styles such as baked and cooked foods with less oil.


Caffeinated Beverages

Male Fertility

Studies have shown that excess amounts of coffee, energy drinks, and tea containing caffeine can seriously lower sperm count. If you are drinking highly caffeinated drinks on a regular basis and your diet is very poor this can lower your sperm quantity and quality to make conception even more difficult.

Caffeine present in drinks can ultimately cause damage to the reproductive cells. It is advisable to limit your caffeine intake to two cups or less (in drinks) daily.



Male Fertility

Research shows that regular drinking of sugar-sweetened drinks or beverages a little more than one serving each day is connected to poorer sperm motility. If you are drinking sugary beverages, including soda, sweet tea or sports drinks, your insulin resistance can increase and this will, in turn, result in oxidative stress and could damage your sperm.


Processed Meats

Male Fertility

There are some men who cannot do without their meat, if it’s not roasted, then it’s either fried, boiled or dried. The truth is if you eat the wrong kind of meat your sperm could be compromised. In a 2014 Harvard study, men who consumed the most processed meat; hamburgers, hot dogs, salami, bologna, and bacon had 23 percent fewer normal sperm than guys who ate it in moderation.



Male Fertility

You booze, you lose; sperm, that is. Drinking alcohol has a negative impact on sperm concentration and motility. Drinking alcohol in excess may lead to total-body oxidative stress, which is a key cause of male infertility.

The truth is one drink isn’t a problem, but going beyond your limits daily is a different story altogether. It’s even worse if you are both an alcohol lover and a caffeine lover too. Excess amounts of alcoholic drinks can result in total body stress; it is also a key cause of infertility in males.

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If you are a drinker it is advisable to limit your intake to one or two drinks daily.


Non-organic produce

Male Fertility

Some products might be fresh, but it might come with a side of pesticides and your sperm could be the first casualty: Research shows that pesticide residues through produce affect the sperm negatively.

Pesticides could directly affect your hormonal balance, which in turn can affect your body’s production of sperm.