How to Make Cheap Calls from US to Nigeria

The ability to make long distance calls is a critical part of any global business. And beyond that, international calls are not only an important aspect of selling products and services, they are also vital in maintaining personal relationships. Instant messages can help you send urgent messages but the ability to hear a person’s voice on the other line creates an immensely satisfying feeling that only human beings can truly appreciate. However, international calls are expensive to make. It has something to do with the physical structures that had to be in place before you can make the call, not to mention the manpower needed to establish a connection from one country to the next. It is good to know that at the present time, high-priced international phone calls is no longer a major problem especially if you are placing a call from the U.S. to Nigeria.

Nigeria is a beautiful country with equally amazing people. It’s fast-growing economy makes it a magnet for foreign direct investments. At the same time, it is a great place to visit. Establishing a business in Nigeria, creating a business network and making friends with local leaders and influential people is easier if you can call them and speak to them directly. It is a good thing to know that you can make cheap calls from the United States to Nigeria using the power of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

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Making cheap international calls to Nigeria is made possible by the power of the World-Wide-Web. Internet uses digital technology and it is more cost-efficient compared to analogue technology. In the past, there is no other option except to use the more cumbersome technology. But in the 21st century, more and more people are leveraging Information Technology to convert analogue phone calls into digital messages. This is made possible by using a converting mechanism like analogue adaptors or computer software so that your Personal Computer can be transformed into a communication device, simply add a headset or headphone to talk to the person on the other end of the line. Learn how you can leverage the power of VoIP using Analog Telephone Adaptors; IP Phones; and Computer-to-Computer connection.

How do you use Analogue Telephone Adaptors to Make Inexpensive Calls?

For those who are not tech-savvy, the best way to upgrade your ordinary telephone line so that it can make inexpensive international calls is to use the Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA. The conventional handset that you have acquired from Verizon or AT&T uses analogue technology. But if you attached an ATA to this device, you immediately activate an analogue-to-digital converter, which converts your phone’s analogue signal into digital data. Telecom companies like AT&T and Vonage are now selling a package that includes your typical handset bundled with an ATA. Simply remove the ATA from the box and plug your telephone cable to the ATA instead of plugging it into a wall socket. In an instant, you can immediately call your friend in Nigeria for a minimal cost.

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How do you use IP Phones to Make Cheap Phone Calls?

If you want a minimalist approach, acquire IP Phones. An IP Phone looks like a normal telephone but uses a different connector. It uses an RJ-45 Ethernet connector that you have to plug into your router. There is no need to download any type of software or plugin. The IP Phone is ready to make international calls to Nigeria. An upgraded version of the IP Phone is much more desirable. It is called the Wi-Fi Phone. Instead of relying on your home’s cable internet and all the Internet paraphernalia that comes with it, a Wi-Fi Phone searches for a Wi-Fi hotspot and uses it to make a call to Nigeria.

How to use Computer-to-Computer Connection to Make Cheap Phone Calls?

If you cannot afford a package like the one offered by AT&T or if you do not have enough money to buy the more sophisticated IP Phone, there is a solution to your problem. You can use your own computer to call Nigeria. Just make sure that you added the necessary hardware and software. You can download free VoIP software or buy a cheap one. Add a microphone, speaker or headset to your computer setup. Make sure that you have the appropriate sound card and a reliable Internet connection. For the price of a monthly internet subscription and a low-cost computer, you can call anytime you want and not worry about the telephone bill that will come at the end of the month.


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