Lynxxx Justifies His Newly Found Faith In God


After being born a second time, Nigerian rapper Lynxxx has consistently put up inspirational and spiritual messages on his social media pages.

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Close friends of him even report that he is now a staunch member of a Catholic church on the Island where he dedicates his time, not just on Sundays but weekdays as well.

Now a confirmed follower of Jesus Christ, Lynxxx, who prefers to be called a ‘gospel rapper,’ shares his encounter with God and his experience so far, in the faith.

Read his post below:

“I come across people everyday that have so many questions, remarks and comments about my New Life and Journey of Purpose and I love to hear and see people’s reactions, opinions and the likes about making a change to live a better / more fulfilling life (in Christ)

“I can’t count how many people have said ‘you must have had a near death experience’ lol errrr Nah! I was actually sitting on my couch perfectly fine when I had an encounter with God and he revealed what my TRUE purpose of existing is and I am sharing that with you all daily!

“Light extinguishes darkness, so once I saw the light … It was a no brainer to say good-bye to my old life and old ways…. How far does ‘being your own lord and master get you?’ I’ll let you tell it

“There’s greatness in EVERYONE, you just have to sometimes Dig into your soul and the word of God to find yourself! He has the key to your destiny in his palm and no matter how you ‘Search’ here ‘in the world’, you would NEVER find it unless you go to HIM! (It’s a decision you’ll never regret)

“When you encounter God, you receive power, peace that no man can ever take from you but ultimately you come alive in truth and in spirit… No amount of success, money or fame could ever give me that. Get Plugged in and Come Alive! “