Another Nigerian Entertainer Turns Born Again, Reveals Encounter With God


Last week, the news of Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor, being born again went viral. This week it is that of Lynxxx, the rapper and singer.

The music artiste has been making controversial Instagram posts of late, especially about his spirituality. However, in a recent interview on Frankly Speaking With Jola Sotubo, Lynxxx spoke about his newly found faith and his view on premarital sex.

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The bad-boy-turned-good also spoke about plastic surgeries and living a false life. Hear him:

“I just became more spiritual, I just decided to focus on the more important things in life over the frivolous and fleeting things. 

“I’m in a space where if it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day we’re all getting older, and life is moving for everybody. Whether I’m a musician or not, real life is happening.

“It’s only right to take that step… I’ve played enough in my life, I’ve enjoyed enough in my life, I’ve done the wrong things enough in my life so it’s time to really focus on the things that matter, things that will grow you and prosper you rather than things that will eventually bring you down.”

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This is somewhat unbelievable! However, change is one sure thing that never stops happening. Recall that Lynxxx once went all raunchy in his lines on the song Acappella which Dil featured him on including Praiz.

The newly born again rapper has now come to a new life, which according to him, has made him lost some of his good friends.


No one said the road would be easy. Life happens! Meanwhile, as a way to convey a different level of message that will reflect his new personality and determination to serve God, Lynxxx has released a new song, titled “Serve You“.

According to the song lyrics, his mother was helpful in helping him retracing his steps, and the church that didn’t used to see his break light now see his tithe.

Lynxxx Speaks About his Faith