Student Who Slits Girlfriend’s Throat For Alleged Cheating Sentenced To 12 Years In Jail


Remember Luka Shuaibu – the student of Adamawa State Polytechnic who got the throat of his girlfriend sliced for allegedly cheating on him? He has been sentenced to 12 years in jail without an option of fine.

A Yobe state magistrate court has sentenced Luka Shuaibu, a student of the Department of Leisure and Tourism, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola, to 12 years in jail, for attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend, Ishaya, a diploma 2 student of the same department, over fears that she was about to dump him for a richer man.

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The incident happened on November 9th within the school premises. Luka saw Ishaya, his girlfriend of two years, alighting from the car of another man. He ambushed her by her hostel, beat her up and then slit her throat with a knife.

According to an eyewitness, on that fateful day, the young man had called the victim’s phone severally but all to no avail as she did not pick or return the calls, thus enraging her estranged lover.

Luka Shuaibu

Few minutes later, the lady was seen by the lover alighting from another man’s vehicle with polythene bag containing bread and some raw eggs, on sighting her, Luka confronted her to know where she was coming from and why she had refused to take her calls.

A heated argument ensued between them. While the argument lasted, the man got angry, pulled out a sharp knife and slit her throat like an animal. Her screams for help attracted male folks around the area but by this time, he had inflicted much wounds both on her throat and face.

He quickly ran to the school gate threatening to stab the security man if the gate was not opened for him. The lady was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention where she’s currently battling for her life.

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The police was alerted and he was arrested. Mr. Luka Shuaibu, was last Wednesday arraigned before Shehu Ahmad, the Chief Magistrate of the Yola Magistrate Court, who after listening to the testimonies of several witnesses brought in by the police, found Luka guilty of an attempt to commit culpable homicide and causing grievous bodily hurt to Ishaya and sentenced him to 12 years in jail without an option of fine.