5 Most Lucrative Online Businesses You Can Do in Nigeria

You may not be aware that there are a lot of very profitable business opportunities online that can change your name. So many people have become millionaires through online business engagements. As the world has turned into a global village, where you are does not matter so much now; you just need to explore the internet and get started on your journey to fortune. Let’s take a look at the first most lucrative 5:

1. Blogging

A blog is short for Weblog. It is a web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

Blogging is ranking no. 1 here because it is undoubtedly the most essential for internet business because it is kind of a facilitating medium through which every other online business can be made known to the public. To create a blog is not at all difficult. You can get the steps for creating a blog here.

It now depends on who you are and what you do to determine how much profit you will make from blogging. As mentioned earlier, a whole lot of profitable online businesses can be done via blogs such as selling advert space, affiliate programs, pay-per-click ads, paid writing, selling products, promoting services, premium content etc.


2. Mobile Monetization

The mobile apps market is offering developers more options than ever to maximize their profits easily. Mobile monetization is fast becoming an attractive option for firms to deploy their mobile apps in the marketplace. Mobile apps usage is growing at a steady rate and it is fast becoming the wave of the future.Mobile traffic is growing by leaps and bounds, but the real money to be made in mobile is largely going to go to big online businesses or individuals who make a major breakthrough in simplifying the complex technologies. To make a lot of money from mobile monetization, you will need to do two major things. The first is, you will need to position your present or future online business for visitors who come to your online business website/blog. Make it easier for them to access your website/blog and make it easier for you to convert the visitors to leads and then to business sales. The second thing is, you will need to develop mobile apps and monetize them with ads. You can develop the mobile apps for yourself or for other people you know and then monetize the mobile apps with ads.

 3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing will go down well with people who already have a dedicated blog/website or a large online following. This is because readers and buyers usually appreciate buying from those whom they already trust – to those with whom they have a previous connection – or relationship with. It really pays if you are honest and your readers can take your offers at face value without any fear of either being deceived or manipulated.

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In Nigeria, the best-known affiliate programme that pays greatly is the market health affiliate program. This company specializes in promoting natural and beauty products which have a high percentage in terms of payout. Typical products range from 40% per conversion to up to 60% for every successful order refereed. This means if you refer a $100 sale, at least $40 is reserved for you as a commission! This is great; considering the fact that the company has great products which convert in an excellent manner naturally.

If you are writing mostly for a foreign audience (US, Canada, and the UK especially), signing up for Amazon Associates will be a great idea but I must let you know that the returns are not so attractive unless you attract very heavy traffic as the commission is about an average of 5-6%.

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4. Information Marketing

Both business people and consumers need information provided to them in convenient forms. The Information Industry encompasses products like traditional books, audio programs, videos or DVD’s that you might buy in a shop, bookstore or online. They could be e-books, membership websites training courses, scholarships, seminars, conferences and combinations of all these. Much of this business is conducted by lone small, quiet operators, many with home-based businesses, most with zero to no more than a few employees, most working only part-time hours and most netting 6-figure profits.

Information – marketers gather information and sell it in convenient forms to people who need it. The topics include everything you can imagine from better sex to relationships, to farming, to investing in real estate, to fish farming, to weight loss and healthy living, to public speaking, to seminar organizing, to study abroad tips, to running businesses, to spiritual matters. WHATEVER!

5. Web Design/ Maintenance Services

The prophecy of Bill Gate that – if you are not online, you are out of business has gradually come to fruition in our country. This has resulted to web design and maintenance becoming the dot-com age and no doubt, Nigerians are cashing in big on it. Blogs are springing up daily and many companies have discovered that they need an online presence. Other institutions like schools, hospitals and other public figures too are not left out.

The business side of this prophecy is that web design services are more needed than ever. If you can set up a WordPress blog (or can put something up from scratch) then you are game! If you have some background in advanced Computer Science, then, you are super game!!

I will advise that you don’t continue folding your arms but start doing something today. You can start with the ones that require fewer skills, depending on your abilities. Then if you’ve got professional skills, you bet fortune awaits you.


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