Man Strangles Nigerian Wife, Wheels Dead Body On Trolley


The New York Police Department (NYPD) has arrested Anthony Lopez, 31, for reportedly strangling his Nigerian wife, Obiamaka Aduba, 26, to death and wheeling her dead body in a trolley along a street in New York, dumping the body on the front lawn of a home.

Lopez, who has been arrested more than 50 times in the past for drugs, grand larceny and criminal contempt, was arrested Saturday May 20, after neighbours saw him rolling around the shirtless body of Obiamaka Aduba, down a street in Staten Island Friday morning.

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Anthony Lopez
Lopez shaved his hair to escape arrest

He allegedly dumped the body on the front lawn of a home and took off after an off-duty cop who recognized him from previous arrests spotted the corpse, which had been partially covered by a sheet. He went on the run for 24 hours, until Crime Stoppers tip-off led officers to an East Harlem neighborhood where Lopez was taken down by police and taken in for questioning after a brief chase on Saturday.

When arrested, he was seen after with a shaved head, a way to alter his appearance in order to escape the police. He has been charged with murder and concealing a human corpse for which he has pleaded not guilty. He will however, remain in detention without bail until his next appearance in court on Tuesday.

Lopez Arrested
Anthony Lopez Arrested

Previous reports says he beat her badly and had her work as a prostitute. Her mom tried to stay in touch, but “Every time her mother would buy her a new phone, he would take it and sell it,” one police source said.

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Lopez has a vast criminal history involving dozens of arrests for drugs, grand larceny and criminal contempt, while his girlfriend, Aduba, is said to have been arrested 19 times. His rap sheet includes 52 arrests according to the New York Daily News, including one for punching a former girlfriend in the face and one for robbing a cellphone at gunpoint.

Aduba’s grieving father, who spoke to New York Daily News on Sunday said:

“We’re grieving very hard right now. I think I might have a stroke.”