London Finally Elects Muslim Mayor


Sadiq Khan becomes London’s first ever Muslim mayor after being elected the Mayor of the city of London. He beat Tory Zac Goldsmith1, 310,143 votes to 994, 614, or 56.8% of the total polls. He is European Union’s only Muslim mayor of a capital city.

Sadiq Khan is the son of a bus driver from Pakistan. He will replace Mayor Boris Johnson who has completed the second of his two terms. More than 1 million Nigerians reside in the city of London. His experience and his ability to handle UK’s biggest personal mandate is being questioned. His win ends the Conservative Party’s control of the City Hall.

Sadiq Khan was born on 8th October, 1970 to a Pakistani bus driver and seamstress. He was one of eight children. He studied law at the University of North London. As a practicing lawyer, he specialized in employment discrimination, police brutality, civil rights and other social injustice issues. He was elected to the local council of Wandsworth at 23. He became a member of the British Parliament for Tooting, South London in 2005. Between 2009 and 2010, he served under Gordon Brown as minister for state for transportation.

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muslim mayor
Sadiq Khan, the Mayor-elect of London with wife

He is married to Saadiya Ahmed, a fellow lawyer, who was also born and raised in South London. They have two daughters. He is the author of one book, Fairness not Favours: How To Reconnect With British Muslims (2008).

His campaign proposals for the Labour Party include: spurring the construction of new homes and giving Londoners, against oversea investors, the priority in buying them; freezing transportation fares; introducing a one-hour unlimited bus ticket intended to help people who use various connections to get to work; improving community police and reducing knife violence (guns in Britain are rare); making cycling safer.

He’s an LGBTQ rights proponent and a self-proclaimed feminist.