How to Live Like a Millionaire

We often look up to millionaires thinking they are so different from us. We question our career choices and whether there is anything we can do to change our financial situation. As a matter of fact, there is and you can live like a millionaire even if you’re far from being one.

Designer labels

Designer labels can do a lot to our appearance, especially if we go for timeless looks. If you don’t have too much cash but you want to have something designed by a high-end fashion house, go for classics that can be paired up with a variety of cheaper clothes. Women can go for elegant black high heels and little black dresses, a pearl necklace or a nice tote bag, whereas men can invest in a watch, a silk tie, a pair of designer jeans or an elegant jumper.

Borrow, not buy

If you have some events to attend and you don’t want to wear the same garments to all of them, borrow them instead of buying. You will afford yourself the luxury of a great wardrobe without spending money on things you can only wear once.

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Buy used cars

Sure new cars straight from the salon are great but realistically speaking, who can afford to buy an expensive one on a regular salary? Instead, look for great deals for used cars that haven’t been driven too much or they have but they have been maintained in a very good condition. With such an approach, you can become the owner of an amazing car for much less.

Travel far and wide

Just because you earn a steady but oh so regular salary every month, doesn’t mean you can’t afford luxury holidays. Become a member of a secret escape websites that are free of charge but offer amazing holiday destinations for a fraction of their usual price. Another way to travel for less is booking them last minute. If you’re unsure where to go, this will allow for more flexibility. Finally, look for voucher codes at promotional platforms for various flights, accommodation opportunities, and car rentals.


One of the things millionaires have time for is entertainment. The secret lies in the quality of consumer electronics they have in their homes. Fortunately, you can have the exact same items in your house with Jumia voucher codes that offer you discounts on computers, TV sets, speakers, and amplifiers. You can now organize epic parties just as your favorite celebrities do!

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Beauty treatments

Men who are millionaires also use facial beauty treatments, did you know that? There is no need to be ashamed of it because, after all, it’s all about living your life to the fullest. With incredible discounts, you can now afford even the most expensive facials, massages and even cosmetic surgeries performed by the best specialists in the industry. A little bit of “me” time is something all of us can appreciate from time to time.

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We all would love to be the 1% of the 1%. Not all of us can, but with just a few tricks we can live our lives just as well. Devise yourself a plan, go from one point to another and everyone will see the difference.


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