List of Nursing Schools in Lagos and their Fees

There are Federal, State, and private nursing schools in Lagos, and their fees range from as low as ₦50,000 to as high as over ₦200,000. These schools offer different certificates. For instance, the University of Lagos offers a 5-year course that will translate to a Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc), while some of the other schools offer registered nursing and/or registered midwifery certificates upon completion.

These schools of nursing are distinctive in their own ways. Find out the best, their fees, location, and whether or not you need JAMB before securing admission. Note that this list only has schools that are accredited by the Nursing Council, and for the purpose of easy understanding, we have split some of the schools based on Basic and Post-Basic courses.

List of Top Nursing Schools in Lagos; Their Fees and Address

1. The University of Lagos, Department of Nursing Science

  • Address: University of Lagos, University Road, Akoka, Yaba Local Government, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Contact Info: +234, 802 123 4567, +234, 802 123 4567; [email protected] 
  • Fees: over ₦55,000 (excluding accommodation)

The Department of Nursing at the University of Lagos is a 5-year course after which students graduate with a B.N.Sc degree. The school remains one of the most prestigious in Nigeria and has been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

Focusing on how much you need in terms of monetary value to get to the school, there are different narrations. Some sources claim that the school fees are about ₦55,500 (excluding uniforms and accommodation), while others state that it is around ₦100,000 (also excluding accommodation).

2. School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (SON LUTH)

  • Address: Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Mushi LGA, Lagos
  • Contact Info: +234 0805 655 9417; [email protected]
  • Fees: ₦145,000 (Apart from other expenses)

This school has lasted over 5 decades and is one of the most notable nursing schools in Lagos and Nigeria. Its basic fee, according to numerous sources, is ₦145,000, but there are other expenses which include fees, first aid courses, accommodation, acceptance (for new students), verification, and uniforms. It is then said to amount to about ₦250,000 for new students.

According to the school’s website, the academy offers programs based on the council curriculum, and the course structure is flexible in order for students to study in many ways.

3. Lagos State College of Nursing (LASCON), Igando

  • Address: Alimosho General Hospital, LASU / Isheri Road, Igando Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Info: Telephone: +2349053663297; +2348033270037; [email protected]
  • Fees: Over ₦200,000 (estimated)

The institution was first established in 1965 as The Lagos State School of Nursing Complex before its name was changed. Over the years, it has graduated numerous nurses and midwives with an aggregate score of 100% in the council’s final examination.

Currently, the school offers three courses – nursing, midwifery, and public health. Its fee is not less than ₦200,000. In fact, there are claims that it is probably as high as ₦300,000 (including accommodation), while the acceptance fee for new students is ₦50,000.

The school does not need JAMB for a student to obtain admission but must have at least 5 credits in subjects of priority, among other admission requirements.

4. National Orthopaedic Hospital Post-Basic Nursing School, Igbobi

  • Address: School of Post Basic Nursing Studies Dr. Francis Adedoyin, Owosina Building, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Lagos, 120 / 124, Ikorodu Road, Igbobi, Lagos, Nigeria; P.M.B 2009, Yaba, Lagos
  • Contact Info: Phone: 08029550776, 07069779040, 08057263574, 08055317551; [email protected]
  • Fees: Over ₦100,000

As the name implies, this nursing institution is a specialized school that is focused on only one aspect of nursing, Orthopedic. Unlike many others, this institution only offers admission to students who are already registered nurses. Also, students must have no fewer than 5 credits in relevant subjects to gain admission into the school.

The program lasts only a year (12 months) of two semesters.

5. School of Post-Basic Paediatric Nursing, LUTH

As a registered nurse, the School of Post-Basic Paediatric Nursing, LUTH, gives students the opportunity to specialize in a particular field of nursing. This program lasts only 12 months. Despite this, it is considered one of the best in the best nursing schools and its fees have been reported to range between ₦150,000 to ₦200,000.

It offers exposure to its students, especially through theoretical and practical processes. Interestingly, students can have practical programs through one of the most renowned teaching hospitals in Nigeria, LUTH.

6. School of Post-Basic Accident and Emergency Nursing

The Post Basic Accident and Emergency Nursing is a special school at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. It focuses on only accidents and emergency-related courses, and over the years, it has recorded 80-95% performance lately.

The school fee of the institution is over 150,000 Naira, while the application fee is 10,000 Naira. All applicants must be registered nurses and must have a valid license and be practicing.

7. School of Post Basic (SOPB) Ophthalmic Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos

This post-basic nursing school is a 12-month school that lets registered nurses obtain a professional certificate in ophthalmic nursing – a professional sect of nursing that focuses on assessing patients with a variety of eye diseases and injuries.

With respect to how much the school charges for fees, there is no basic amount on the internet, but sources suggest that it may be as over ₦150,000. The application fee for the school, on the other hand, is about N10,000.

8. School of Post Basic (SOPB) Peri-Operative Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos

This is one of the branches of post-basic nursing at Lagos University Teaching Hospital. This branch of nursing lets registered nurses specialize in surgical or operative rooms.

The post-basic nursing cost more than N150,000 than the other nursing courses in LUTH.

9. School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba

  • Address: Yaba 101245, Oworonshoki, Lagos 
  • Fees: Over ₦70,000

This is the only military school of nursing on this list. For all we know, military schools are some of the best in Nigeria, and as such, it is easy for this nursing school to make it to this list.

There are different narratives with respect to the school’s fees. While some sources claim it could easily go for as low as ₦30,000, others claim that it may be over ₦70,000 for returning students. Like in many schools, the fees for new students are higher. 

10. School of Post-Basic Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba

This school only offers nursing in mental health. Before one obtains admission, one must complete a nursing school and obtain a license. While the school may not have given its basic fees on the internet, sources claim that it is not less than ₦100,000. 

List of Federal Schools of Nursing in Lagos

  • School of Post Basic (SOPB) Peri-Operative Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos
  • School of Post Basic (SOPB) Ophthalmic Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos
  • School Of Psychiatric Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Yaba
  • School Of Post-Basic Paediatric Nursing, LUTH
  • School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba
  • National Orthopaedic Hospital Post-Basic Nursing School, Igbobi
  • The University of Lagos, Department of Nursing Science
  • School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (SON LUTH)

Lagos State School of Nursing

  • School of Orthopaedic Nursing, NOH. Igboni Lagos

List of Private Schools of Nursing in Lagos

  • Anchor University, Department of Nursing
    • Adress: Ipaja Ayobo, Lagos, Nigeria
    • Contact: Phone: +234-906-1223-042
      Mobile: +234-815-1951-950
      Email: [email protected]
    • Fees: N600,000
  • Trinity University
    • Address: 1 FFF Rd, Off Alara St, near Queen’s College, Sabo Yaba 100001, Lagos
    • Contact: [email protected]; +2347032166707, +2347032167003
    • Fees: 350,000 (apart from accommodation and other expenses)

Which is the Best Nursing School in Lagos?

The University of Lagos is ranked among the best institutions in Nigeria. As such it is easy to place the institution’s department of nursing as one of the best schools of nursing in Lagos State.

Despite this, there are also suggestions that studying nursing at any college of nursing (instead of a university) may have its own advantages since those schools are made solely for nursing purposes. This then lives us with the question of which nursing college is best in Lagos State. Online sources have placed Lagos State College of Nursing (LASCON), Igando as top.

This is not to say that the other schools of nursing in Lagos are not great in their own ways. In fact, some of these schools have special training they offer. Some of these schools include the School of Post Basic (SOPB) Ophthalmic Nursing, Lagos, and the School of Orthopaedic Nursing, NOH. Igboni Lagos. Hence, when seeking for specialty, the best nursing schools are those which narrow and specialize in a particular aspect of the course.

Going back to the overall best nursing school on this list, the University of Lagos, the popular opinion on the internet is that the institution lets students graduate with a Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc) rather than becoming only a registered nurse or registered midwife at a time before returning again for another certificate.

Cheapest Nursing School in Lagos

The cheapest nursing school in Lagos is the University of Lagos, per sources. According to numerous reports, the institution fees in slightly over ₦50,000. Many other schools on this list have fees ranging from ₦100,000 to over ₦200,000.

The school’s fees may be lower due to the fact that it is a federal institution. In fact, Federal Universities have proven to be the cheapest schools in Nigeria since the government takes responsibility for funding many projects of the institutions.

Can you Enter School of Nursing in Lagos Without JAMB?

Yes, there are many schools of nursing in Lagos where you don’t need to sit for JAMB before obtaining admission. These schools include any of the schools mentioned on this list, including universities. However, it is worthy of note that if you must attend a university as a 100L student of nursing, you must sit and pass JAMB.

Yet, if you are going through a direct entry (200L), all that you may need is a diploma (RM or RN). Then, obtain the direct entry form of the school (the University of Lagos and Lagos State University).

The other schools have different criteria, such as buying forms and sitting for special exams. For Post-Basic nursing schools, you will need to, first of all, have either a registered nursing certificate or a registered midwifery certificate instead of JAMB.


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