Lionel Messi Ready To Say ‘I Do’ To Childhood Sweetheart Antonella


Finally, the Argentian professional footballer, Lionel Messi is getting married to longtime partner and childhood sweetheart, Antonella Roccuzo in 2017.

According to numerous report from Argentine Radio Metro’s Pablo Varsky and others, the 29-year-old and the would-be bride, 28, marriage ceremony will depend on Barcelona’s summer tour and the wedding is expected to take place in their native city of Rosario in Argentina where they met as children.

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Lionel Messi Ready To Say 'I Do' To Childhood Sweetheart Antonella

One of the world’s most expensive players and the mother of his two kids, four-year-old Tiago and one-year-old Mateo, reportedly met in 1996, through Lucas Scaglia, Antonella’s footballer cousin and also a close friend of Messi. The local newspapers confirmed the news from a relative of the Barcelona forward, but no specific date was mentioned except that it will hold in the middle of next year.

Lionel Messi Ready To Say 'I Do' To Childhood Sweetheart Antonella

Many are already speculating that the wedding date is like to be fixed on the Messi’s birthday, June 24, since his club tour is projected to be completed around June 12, 2017. So far the Leo and Antonella who started dating in 2008 have not made the news public.

Meanwhile, their love story was said to have span for more than a decade when the would-be famous footballer first met supermarket owner’s daughter Antonella. Leo was 9 and a year older than Antonell who’s 8 years old. He used to write love letters to her as a teenager but they didn’t formalise their relationship until Messi was 21, the Mirror said.

Lionel Messi Ready To Say 'I Do' To Childhood Sweetheart Antonella

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Their relationship did not become a reality until 2010 when Antonella travelled to Barcelona for the first time and moved in with her boyfriend.

With Ballon d’Or to his legacy, two kids and a loyal longtime partner, coupled with future achievements, all time one of the best footballers in the world, Lionel Messi would only have one more conquest to pursue, and that is a legal marital status.