Linda Ikeji Has Done It Again! Trending For The Most Controversial Reason


Whoever said a girl child is not as useful as a male child should be shamed! For an umpteenth time, Linda Ikeji has proven that what a man can do, a woman can also do, even better.

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The popular blogger added another automobile ride to the garage of her mother’s as she got her a brand new  2016 Acura MDX car.

It was not her mum’s birthday, Linda just decided to give her a surprise gift, honouring and celebrating her mum for the hard work in nurturing her into the woman she is today.

The car, which was reported to cost a whopping sum of 12.5 million naira, was decorated with ribbons and an inscription reading ‘mum.’

Linda Ikeji

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Linda Ikeji, who talked about wanting to settle down soon in a video she shared on her 36th birthday, has made so much wealth from being a blogger and digital advertiser via the platform ‘Linda Ikeji’s Blog.

Also, with the launch of her social media app, Linda Ikeji Social, the wealthy spinster has set up herself nicely and is not likely to go broke in her lifetime.

Although she said her husband must not be rich but should be successful, her fans are worried that the more she flaunts her wealth with acts like this, the more her prospective husband will shy aware from making the bold step.

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Meanwhile, over the weekend Linda shared a video on her YouTube channel to inspire people going through a hard time.

She says “After having a conversation with someone going through a difficult time, Linda decided to do this video to encourage others in similar situations. This too shall pass.”

Ikeji Speaks [Watch and be inspired]

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