Linda Ikeji Begs For Prayers To Find Husband As She Turns 36 Today


Nigeria’s most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, is one year older today! Expressing her joy and appreciation to her family, friends and readers of her blog as she marks her 36th birthday, Miss Ikeji also used the opportunity to beg for prayers from her fans for her get a husband soon.

Writing on her blog this morning she said:

“I turn a year older today September 19th and I can’t tell you guys how grateful I am for the life I have. I may not have everything I want yet…but I have more than I thought was even possible and for that I am thankful. I am thankful for my family, friends, all LIB readers and well wishers.

“My prayer as I turn 36 today is to find an amazing guy soon, settle down, have a bunch of kids and continue to live, impact my world and make a difference. Please say a prayer for me! I mean it! 🙂

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“Also, happy birthday to every one else born today. May God continue to bless, love and protect us. Thank you guys so much for all the lovely birthday wishes that I know will come.

“Massive hug and plenty kisses”.

Linda Ikeji
Linda Ikeji Begs For Prayers To Find Husband As She Turns 36

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Who would believe that Linda Ikeji will eventually become so desperate to get married that she would go the extra-mile of begging for prayers to get hooked. She has obviously woken up to the reality that having billions of dollars in your account and being able to purchase any material thing you desire is not enough to make a woman happy, especially an African woman.

Recall that sometime in March, 2016, the very hard-working lady provoked many Nigerians to wrath after she tweeted a very proud comment saying:

“I might be SINGLE but i sure can buy anything that brings happiness including ANY MAN.

“#Argue In Your Dust Bin”

Six months down the line and my Lady can no longer afford to buy a husband? Lol. Anyway, I pray she finds her dream husband soon.

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