Lilian Bach Biography: Who is the Actress and is She Married?

Lilian Bach (born 9 November 1970; Age: 53) is a Polish-Nigerian actress, producer, and entrepreneur who is popular for her roles in High Blood Pressure (2010), Married to a Witch (2001), and The Cartel (2004). The entertainer is believed to be married to a man named Mr. Akala. 

While Lilian may have been off and on in the movie industry, her name has not faded due to the mark she has created, especially in the early 2000s. She is also a model, former face of Delta Soap, former MBGN contestant, interior decorator, and fashion designer. Here’s every available detail about her private and public life.

Summary of Lilian Bach’s Bio 

  • Full name: Lilian Bola Bach
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 9 November 1970
  • Lilian Bach’s Age: 53 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: Polish-Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married (alleged)
  • Lilian Bach’s Husband: Mr. Akala (alleged)
  • Her Parents: Lita Kazeem Bach and Mr. Bach
  • Lilian’s Net worth: Over $500,000 (estimation)
  • Famous for: acting, movie production
  • Lilian Bach’s Instagram: @iamlilianbach
  • Facebook: Lilian Bach

Who is Lilian Bach and When was She Born?

Lilian Bola Bach was born on 9 November 1970 at Island Maternity, Isale Eko, Lagos State. She is the first child from her parents’ union and lived most of her life in Lagos State.

As regards her parents, her father, Mr. Bach, was a Polish mechanical engineer who relocated to Nigeria and decided to settle in Lagos. He was strict, a disciplinarian, yet a loving father who would discipline his kids when the need arose.

Around 1980, when Lilian was 10, her father died of a stroke in Rotterdam, Holland, and was buried there. On the part of her mother, she was born Lita Kazeem and later became Lita Bach when she married the actress’s father. She hails from Isale Eko, Lagos, and her celebrity daughter described her as a free and supportive mother.

Who are Lilian Bach’s Siblings?

From her parents’ union, Lilian has 3 younger siblings. She also has 4 half-siblings. Two of her older half-siblings were born from her father’s first marriage before he met her mother. The two younger ones, on the other hand, were born by her mother after Lilian’s father died and Lita married again.

Lilian never met her older half-siblings until later in her life. She traced one of her half-brothers with the help of the Red Cross and the internet. They lived in Poland, and one of them was married to a Dutch woman.

Through them, she got to meet her other paternal relatives and has ever since kept a good relationship and visited the country over and time again. Both of her older brothers have, however, since died. With respect to her younger siblings, they have been able to keep away from the spotlight despite Lilian’s fame.

Lilian Bach’s Education

Lilian Bach attended schools in different parts of Nigeria since her father’s job led to a lot of traveling and settling in places such as Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Abeokuta, and Lagos.

While in Port-Harcourt in Rivers State, she attended Army Children’s School. She also went to primary school in Lagos and attended Idara Secondary School, Mushin. For her tertiary education, the Lagos State-born Bach went to the University of Lagos, Nigeria, to study theatre arts but later left due to personal reasons.

She Started Her Career as a Model in 1989

Lilian started her rise to fame as a model in 1989 when she was 19 years old. Although the beginning of her career came with a number of jobs, she did not get a lot of publicity. Along the line, she got involved in pageantry and fashion shows, including participating in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageantry but did not win.

According to her, she did not win most of the pageantry because she may have been too slim as a model. Regardless, the pageantries have contributed to her gaining attention over time. More to her work as a model, Lilian became the face of Delta (soap) and reigned for about 2 years before another face took over.

Lilian Bach’s Acting Career Started as a Mistake in 1997

Bach’s acting career started in 1997 when she did not intend to start the career at the time. It started when she accompanied her friend to an audition. When it was time for her friend to audition, there was no one to read with him, and the director asked that she try.

It turned out that the director was impressed with her reading and offered her a role. The initial stage of her career was not rosy as she didn’t have enough experience, and the paychecks were not rolling as she would have wanted.

One of the ordeals she faced at the beginning of her career was when she had to go home without being paid for her first role as her producer fled with her fee. Her second role was also not encouraging, and as such, she decided to take a hiatus in the movie industry before she later returned and featured in a number of films, such as Married a Witch, where she played the role of Alice.

Her return also saw her featuring in another film, Grace to Grass. Both films instantly shot her into stardom. In spite of the fame that accompanied her career, Lilian Bach stood her ground in not taking roles that express nudity. She attested that her Christian upbringing and the fact that she sees her body as the temple of God are there major reasons why she made the decision.

Lilian Bach Has a Career as a Producer

Bach did not confine herself to only acting and modeling but has also opened herself to movie production since 2008. She was motivated to start her production career when she identified that many Nigerian films do not come out so well, and rather than focusing on creating films with quality, many are more interested in quantity.

She added that some Nigerian films try to follow the path of Hollywood in ways that may not necessarily be the best. In one of her earliest works as a producer, Lilian Bach produced a soap opera that took about a year to be fully made before its release.

According to her, it is better for one to take time and end up with excellent work than to rush and give films of low quality.

Why Lilian Bach Left Acting and Where is She Now?

Lilian Bach took a break from acting in order to focus on her career as a producer. However, she later realized that it was difficult to get the money she put into producing films due to piracy.

After taking some time to do business, including interior decoration and fashion designing, she announced that she was back and would take roles if she was offered. It is worth mentioning that she owns a lingerie store in Lagos that was looted at the time of the EndSars protest in 2021.

Lilian Bach’s Movies and TV Shows

  • High Blood Pressure (2010)
  • Angels of Destiny (2006)
  • The Search (2006)
  • Joshua (2005)
  • Mi Ose Kogba (2005)
  • A Second Time (2004)
  • Big Pretenders (2004)
  • Broken Edge (2004)
  • Columbia Connection (2004)
  • Douglas My Love (2004)
  • London Forever (2004)
  • Lost Paradise (2004)
  • Ògìdán (2004)
  • Ready to Die (2004)
  • The Cartel (2004)
  • True Romance (2004)
  • Magic Love (2003)
  • Market Sellers (2003)
  • Mother’s Help (2003)
  • Not Man Enough (2003)
  • Outkast (1&2; 2001, 2002)
  • Married to a Witch (2001)

Bach’s Awards

  • CNC Africa Special Recognition Award in Humanitarian Services, Award of Excellence (2021)
  • The Cultural Ambassador Merit Award (2006)
  • The Nigerian Youth Organization Merit Award (2004/2005)
  • The Afro Holly Wood Award (2003)

Is Lilian Bach Married?

There are 2 stories with respect to the marital status of 53 years old Bach. In one of the reports, This Day claimed that the actress has never been married but has never been disappointed by a man. Yet, she has disappointed a number of men.

In another tale, the actress is married to a businessman named Mr. Alaka. According to the report, the wedding took place in 2012 in a private ceremony, and despite the fame that accompanies her name, the alleged spouse keeps a low profile.

She Has Been Romantically Linked to Ahmed Bola Tinubu

There has never been concrete evidence attached to this claim. Still, it made waves sometime around 2010/2011 that Lilian had a romantic affair with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu – one of Nigeria’s most renowned politicians and the APC presidential flagbearer for the 2023 general election.

The actress denied the allegation, and in 2011, she reported to have never met Tinubu and was surprised that the public brought out a story like that. She believed that her success and perhaps her home may have fueled the rumor. Whatever the case, it is no rumor that the public may sometimes give stories that may not have any iota of truth, and neither is it unknown that celebrities may deny some allegations.

In any case, one thing that the public is fully aware of is that Tinubu whom Lilian was romantically linked, is married to senator Oluremi Tinubu.


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