Lil Kesh Net Worth, Cars and Houses

Lil Kesh net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024. He owns a House in Lekki and the cars he drives include a Mercedes Benz C class and Range Rover Sport. He accrued his wealth primarily from his extensive career as a musician with some of his best hits including Shoki and Love Like.

Lil Kesh has a blooming career as a songwriter, singer, and rapper, making music in various genres, including afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B, and reggae. Although perceived as young, the strength with which Kesh exhibits his talent has been compared to many notable and long-lasting musicians in Nigeria. At present, he has many songs, including Shoki and Love Like This to his name. He further won awards including the City People Awards. While there may seem to be a lot about the Lagos-born performer, here’s a breakdown of his wealth and how he has been able to make it.

What is Lil Kesh’s Net Worth?

Lil Kesh net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024. He is one of the fastest-growing rappers in Nigeria with respect to wealth. His net worth nonetheless has attracted different reviews from sources. While others claim the figure to be as high as $3 million, others would report it to be as low as $1 million.

Since the rapper has not given a detailed account of how much money he has gained in his career that began in 2012, all there is to his net worth at present is speculation. This, however, is measured based on his successful career that reaches a decade.

Lil Kesh Net Worth Growth Over The Years

Year Net Worth 
Lil Kesh net worth in 2023 $1 Million
Lil Kesh net worth in 2022 $900,000
Lil Kesh net worth in 2021 $850,000
Lil Kesh net worth in 2020 $700,000

All The Sources of Lil Kesh’s Net Worth

By the time Lil Kesh was 17 years old, he had already started rapping. At the time, his name did not draw attention but his debut single Lyrically fast became a song that caught attention.

In 2014, the singer, who gained the attention of music star Olamide, was signed to the record label, Yahoo Boy No Laptop Nation (YBNL) where he moved to record several songs that would contribute to his extensive fame and fortune.

His Song “Shoki” Brought Him Massive Attention

Lil Kesh recorded Shoki in 2014 and it became a major hit. It was further accompanied by a dance style that also exposed the song to more listeners. Although it had good critical acclaim, a remix was released the same year featuring Davido and Olamide.

Ruefully for the singer, the song’s popularity in radio and TV stations began to reduce when it became popular news that the Nigerian Broadcast Commission frowned at the song and called for its stoppage in media outlets of the country. The decision of the commission was backed by the reason that the word Shoki is a Yoruba language’s slang for “sex” and as such the song was promoting sexuality.

However, NBC claimed that the song was not banned but was asked to be restricted in radio stations. It further suggested that since the song has several versions, including the female version featuring Chidinma, Cynthia Morgan, and Eva, a more subtle version that contains less vulgar words be played at radio stations.

Nonetheless, the fame of the song, especially its remix, continued to spread. This resulted in the song gaining more than 10 million views on YouTube. The success of the song also resulted in several performances that include taking over the stage of StarMusicTrek of 2015.

The singer who creates many of his lyrics in Yoruba further released songs through the YBNL such as Gbese, Efejoku, and Is It Because I Love You? In addition to this, he released his debut album Young And Getting It (Y.A.G.I) in 2016. The album has 19 tracks and was met by several reviews. It was rated as an average album.

Regardless, many songs from the afro-pop and rap album made their way to becoming great, being played in clubs and occasions, and attracting a number of awards and nominations as well as fortune.

The Best of Lil Kesh’s Songs

  • Don’t Call Me Ft. Zinoleesky (2022)
  • Yagi Level (2021)
  • Agbani Darego (2021)
  • Korope Ft. Naira Marley (2021)
  • Love Like This Ft. Fireboy DML (2021)
  • Too Sweet (2020)
  • All The Way (2020)
  • Undertaker (2019)
  • Flenjor Ft. Duncan Mighty (2018)
  • Bend Down Select (2016)
  • Efejoku (2015)
  • Gbese (2015)
  • Shoki (2014)
  • Lyrically (2014)

Views of His Songs on YouTube and Other Streaming Platforms Add to His Earnings

For artists such as Lil Kesh, streaming platforms have become a major medium to which income is made. On Spotify alone, the rapper has an average of more than 372 thousand listeners monthly. Since there are reports that artists make about $0.003 to $0.005 per stream on the platform, it is safe to say that Keshinro Ololade makes quite a sum from it each month.

In the same light, Kesh earns from YouTube where he has over 50 million views. Based on the estimation that YouTubers earn about $5 per 1000 impressions, the singer who mostly performs in his native Yoruba language may have earned approximately $250,000 from the platform.

The 29 year-old is the Founder of YAGI Records

After spending 2 years at Olamide’s YBNL, Lil Kesh’s deal expired. This then marked the beginning of a new page in the life of the singer who started his own record label, YAGI Records.

Although it is difficult to trace the exact earnings of the singer through his record, it has definitely added to his interesting net worth. Also, through the licensing of the label, songs such as Don’t Call Me have been released.

Lil Kesh Performs in Shows Within and Outside of Nigeria

One other source of the wealth of Lil Kesh is shows and concerts. He has performed at many concerts in Nigeria that include Olamide’s Made in Lagos concert (2019), Marlian Festival (2019), and K1 De Ultimate Live in Lagos Concert (2019). Outside of Nigeria, he has performed in London and Germany to mention a few.

Nevertheless, it is not known how much exactly the artist makes from attending and performing at shows. Regardless, it is known in Nigeria that artists in his league mostly receive an amount that cumulates to a million Naira and more from a single show.

Endorsement Deals

The Flenjo hitmaker has been called out for not having a lot of endorsement deals as many other artists who have made success in the music industry as him. Many sources have claimed that his focus on street music and his lyrical content of vulgar words may have affected him negatively and scared brands.

So far, the Osun State native is said to have only one endorsement deal with SureBet – an online betting company. Although there are claims that he may have made millions out of the deal, there are also allegations that it was Olamide that signed the deal, not Kesh.

Fashion Business

There is barely any information about the business ventures of Kesh. According to reports, the singer is the founder of a clothing line dubbed Titikeshinro Clothing Line.

Granted that many Nigerian celebrities may have ventured into the clothing line business and have made a reasonable income from it, Kesh may have generated good fortune from it. A lot about the business remains away from the media and further draws the suggestion that he may not be handling it or perhaps it couldn’t live to see the light of day.

How Lil Kesh Spends His Money

From what is portrayed in music and social media, Lil Kesh lives a life filled with luxury. His name is attached to expensive cars, a house in Lekki, Lagos, and many others.

Lil Kesh’s House

Lil Kesh reportedly owns a house in Lekki – an elite residential area in Lagos Nigeria. At about the time he was 21 years old in 2016, Kesh reportedly moved to his own house in Lekki, Lagos. However, other sources would go on to make allegations that the house was not in its entirety afforded by the Shoki singer but was given to him as a gift to attract deals, especially with respect to his YAGI records.

Kesh once revealed his desire to buy a house for himself when he began to make it in the music industry. This eventually became a dream come true when he purchased the house he currently lives in Lekki.

Over the years with a great accumulation of wealth, Kesh reportedly bought a home for his mother in the area where he was born in Lagos, Bariga. Even though there is barely an explicit detail about the house, it reportedly is luxurious and may have cost him a fortune that amounts to millions of Naira.

How Many Cars Does Lil Kesh Have?

A Mercedes Benz C Class

At the time Keshinro Ololade turned 21 in 2016, he reportedly gifted himself a brand new Mercedez Benz that is reportedly worth about 30 million Naira. The car is said to have some special features that include a 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine.

Range Rover Sports

image source

In Lil Kesh’s garage, there is a Range Rover Sports luxurious car. The car has drawn several debates as to who originally bought the car. While some sources claimed that the Young and Getting It boss added the car to his list of cars using his fortune, other sources are on the part that it was just another gift from Olamide.

Regardless of how the car came to be owned by Kesh, it is not farfetched that the Rover costs a fortune that is reportedly within the ranges of N30 million – N50 million.

Mercedes Benz c400

Another Mercedez Benz that Kesh has explored is the C400 which is believed to have cost about N20 million. This cost however is independent of the cost of clearance, delivery, and import tax.

He Bought His Mother a Car

In a post that juggles the internet, Kesh is seen dancing with his mother around a car. Even though there is a popular opinion that since he is famous for having cars worth multi-millions, it may not be farfetched that the car is also an expensive one. However, the exact brand of the car is not known.

Lil Kesh’s Net Worth May Have Been Affected When He Took a Break From Music

In the early days of his career, Kesh was known for dropping hits after hits. This however changed when there was barely any song coming from him. This began to raise questions as to where the Lagos State Linguistics graduate may have been.

First, he claimed that the reason for his staying away from music was so as to enable himself to focus on other things such as business. Although he did not mention the exact business, he added that he was happy to have tried his hands on things other than music.

In the same manner, Kesh also exposed that he battled mental ailment which had a negative effect on his being able to deliver good music. Rather than forcing music that is not up to the standard he would love for his fans to have, he opted to take a break. He further revealed that the ailment made 2020 a difficult year for him not only in music but also as a person.

Since the major part of Lil Kesh net worth is music, taking a break may have negatively affected his finances. Nonetheless, he announced his return to music on his Instagram and has released several songs such as O Por Ft. Naira Marley, and Yagi Level

He Found Himself in a Controversial Situation That Led to Questions About His Other Sources of Wealth

In 2018 following the release of the Logo Benz song with Olamide, Lil Kesh has been called out for glorifying blood rituals. In the song, the lyric “if money no enter, I go do blood money o” was a major part that led people to wonder if Kesh had a dark part to which his wealth is gained.

Over and above that, listeners called out Olamide as another man whose source of wealth may not only be music, endorsements, and businesses known to the public. However, Kesh was quick to reach out to the public through social media with the claim that the lyric was a tale of the sad reality of blood money in society. As such, the song was created not to honor the act but to serve as an awareness.

Is Lil Kesh Richer Than Naira Marley?

Lil Kesh and Naira Marley are both music acts of the same era in Nigeria. Their similarity is also noticeable in their styles of music. By the very nature of this, their successes have often been compared.

In regards to wealth, Lil Kesh’s net worth has been estimated above $1 million. Marley also has his net worth reported to be above $1 million. However, these net worths have not been declared by any authority and neither has any of the singers openly stated their wealth.

What remains similar is the fact that Naira Marley and Kesh generate a larger part of their wealth from music. However, judging based on their views on streaming platforms, Marley has enjoyed over 200 million views on YouTube as compared to Kesh who has over 50 million. Also, Marley enjoys a higher fortune of Spotify where he has monthly listeners that are above 500,000 as compared to Kesh who has below 400,000. In this light, it is safe to say that Marley has a higher earning in terms of streaming.

On the aspect of earning from endorsement deals, Naira Marley is a brand ambassador for Patricia – a company that deals with gift cards and bitcoins.


What is Lil Kesh Net Worth?

Lil Kesh’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2024

How Old is Lil Kesh?

Lil Kesh is 29 years old in 2024

Where is Lil Kesh House?

Lil Kesh’s house is located in Lekki, a city in Lagos State, Nigeria


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