Family Buries Girl Alive After She Was Struck By Lightning


In most tribes, it is believed that when lightning strikes someone, it was sent from the dark world. Well, it may just be one of those myths.

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A teenager girl by name Ana Ballesteros was reported to have had an encounter with lightning on Friday 23rd September on her way to school in the regional capital of Monteria, Colombia.

The 18-year-old started having severe pains and was taken to the hospital for treatment. After several diagnosis and medications from the doctor, the pain didn’t seem to be getting any better even after going through a couple of therapeutic sessions.

According to Ana, “doctors study medicine but not lightning, I know that getting into that hole I’m going to get better because these are ancient things,” so the family decided to consult mother earth.

Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs during an electrical storm. This discharge occurs between electrically charged regions of a cloud and another cloud and when it strikes someone, transfers some energy to the person’s body.

Ana’s grandmother Blanca de la Rosa, said: “What we’re doing is taking the fire out of the light, the heat out of the energy.” Ana’s mother said: “Locals told me before I took her to hospital that we’d be better off burying her instead to take the energy from the lightning away.”


The soil contains several minerals and nutrients that can restore the body so the family of the lightning victim resorted to burying her on the ground for three days.

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The three days burial would provide the much-needed cure for Ana, as they believed placing her in a hole underground would take the remaining ‘energy’ left in her. She was covered up in the ground of their home garden up to her neck and left to get well in three days.