LeBron James Named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson Of The Year


LeBron James Named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson Of The Year

LeBron James has been named 2016 “Sportsperson of the Year,” by Sports Illustrated Magazine.

The award has been handed out by Sports Illustrated consistently since 1954.

It usually goes to “the athlete or team whose performance that year most embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.”

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LeBron becomes the second person so far to win the award twice.

LeBron’s stiffest competition was the Chicago Cubs, who won their first World Series since 1908.

Since he was able to deliver a championship to Cleveland while capturing the Finals MVP with a stellar, come from behind performance he got the nod from Sports Illustrated’s editors.


Chris Stone, editor in chief for Sports Illustrated, told Cleveland.com saying:

“It took something really exceptional to name somebody sportsperson of the year ahead of the Chicago Cubs this year,” 

“Cleveland is a big part of the story and a big part of this choice.

“Had LeBron won anywhere else, in any other city, I’m fairly certain we’d be talking about the Chicago Cubs right now.”

Stone further stated that:

“He fulfilled his promise of one title to Ohio.

“He really put his neck out there with his vow in that letter (announcing his return to the Cavs as a free agent in July, 2014…in Sports Illustrated, no less).

“Obviously, there was some risk putting yourself out there like that.

“And to deliver in the fashion that he did elevated him to the top of a very strong list.”

In addition to LeBron’s achievements on the court, his societal contributions, charity work and philanthropy also contributed to him being named the 2016 Sportsperson of the Year.

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LeBron will be presented with the award at the Sports Illustrated Gala at Barclay’s Center on December 12th.

This is his second time being honored as Sportsperson of the Year, he last won it in 2012.

The only other person to have won the award twice is Tiger Woods.

Sports Illustrated tweeted about LeBron saying:

“He brought a championship to Cleveland, and now @KingJames is a two-time #SISportsperson recipient.”