Leaked Memo: Shehu Sani Accuses El-Rufai Of Being Disrespectful And Power Hungry


Sen. Shehu Sani  has urged the party to penalise Gov. Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State for allegedly leaking to reporters a memo he wrote to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Sani, who has had his own rifts with the Kaduna State Governor, has said he is orchestrating the saga in a ploy to put himself in prime postion for 2019.

Senator Sani who is the Vice-Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, called for the punitive measures in a statement he released in Abuja on Saturday in reaction to the alleged leakage.

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Sani said it was ironic that while El-Rufai could not stand constructive criticism, he had the audacity to criticize the President.

Sani said:

“The governor always recommends that our party should punish me for criticising him.”

“Now that he has fired a cruise missile at the President through a deliberately leaked memo, he should also be treated the same way.”

“He accused me of being disloyal and disrespectful to the President and the party for speaking my mind.”

“Now he has done his own cunningly by criticising the President and the party, disguised it as a memo and leaked it out to the press.”

“If our able party chair would give me five strokes of the cane for speaking out, the governor (El Rufai) should be given thrice that for ‘leaking out’.”

“It’s often said that look at the message and not the messenger, but there are times when you can only decipher the message by looking at the messenger,’’

According to Sani, while Gov. El-Rufai is entitled to his opinion and perception, the contradiction and irony is that he carried out an action he always stood against when criticised.

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He described the governor as disloyal and disrespectful, saying: “the difference is that while mine is blunt, his is dubious.

“Secondly, for all the issues he raised against the President, his own is worst in his space of governance both in the existence of cabal or politics of exclusion, incompetence or public perception.”

“The difference is that the President is tolerant of criticisms and alternative views.’’

He said the leakage of the memo to newsmen was an evidence that ‘‘logically he is leaking memo to rouse popular sympathy and create the image of ‘a competent alternative’ to ‘Baba.’