Latest Outrageous Salaries Of Top Nigerian Politicians Revealed


With the overwhelming salary which Nigeria politicians earn, I am sure you no longer wonder why they fight tooth and nail with unrelenting effort to stay on the gravy train. It is a known fact that Nigerian politicians are the highest paid politicians in world.

Unbelievably, all of the 109 Senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives earn this enormous salary. Remember, we have not mentioned anything concerning the governors or President’s salary.

The big question here is, considering the facts that politicians are supposed to be public servants and with the kind of service Nigerian politicians render, are they supposed to be paid such high wages with tax payers money? No wonder most of them resort to petty political crimes and jumping of fences to remain in office.

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Even in the United States of America, where political duties are taken seriously, politicians don’t get such enormous salaries. In the United States, while the minimum wage is $1,257 (N191, 667), a US lawmaker earns $15,080 (N2.3 million) per month,and earns $174,000 in a year.

In the United Kingdom, a lawmaker earns $8,686 (N1.3 million) monthly and about 64,000 US dollars a year while the Gross National Minimum Wage is $1,883 (N283, 333) per month.

In Nigerian however, Senators earn higher than their Swedish counterparts. With a monthly pay of $7,707 (N1.2 million), a Senator in Sweden will definitely need to work for over 12 years to equal what a Nigerian Senator earns annually.

Could it be that they are rendering more services than the lawmakers in other countries? It makes one wonder why they should be paid such huge amounts while ordinary Nigerians are toiling day and night to make ends meet.


Nigeria has been deprived big time. She has high mortality rate in women and children, insufficient healthcare delivery, poor transportation, poor electricity outage, high rate of crime, high rate of youths who are school drop-outs, unemployed or untrained.

Don’t you think they are paid more than enough compared to the performance? Will Nigeria ever be developed in the future when our resources are going in the wrong direction?

In fact, the citizens of Nigeria have the highest tolerance level in the whole world considering the prolonged unjust treatment. How can they earn nearly 25% of the country’s wealth and still expect economic change. Read on to see the outrageous salary of Nigerian senators.

Did you now that Members of House of Representatives and Senators cost Nigeria over N76 billion on annual salaries, allowances and quarterly payments?

Every member of the 54 standing Senate committee earns a monthly salary between N648 million and N972 million per year, while a member of the HOR earns between N35 million and N140 million as quarterly or yearly allowances. This means that 25 per cent of the of the nation’s budget goes to the NASS. Doubt it? See the analysis below:

The Analysis Of What Nigerian Legislators Earn

Basic Salary (BS) = N2,484,245.50

Hardship allowance: 50% of Basic Salary = N1,242,122.75

Constituency allowance: 200% of BS = N4,968,509.00

Furniture Allowance: 300% of BS = N7,452,736.50

Newspaper allowance: 50% = N1,242,122.70

Wardrobe allowance: 25% = N621,061.37

Recess Allowance: 10% = N248,424.55

Accommodation: 200% = N4,968,509.00

Utilities: 30% = N828,081.83

Domestic Staff: 35% = N863,184.12

Entertainment: 30% = N828,081.83

Personal Assistance: 25% = N621,061.37

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: 75% = N1,863,184.12

Leave Allowance : 10% = N248,424.55

One off payments (Severance gratuity): 300% = N7,452,736.50

Motor Vehicle Allowance: 400% of BS = N9,936,982.00

Total per month = N29,479,749.00 ($148,139.57)

A senator’s annual salary = over N353, 756, 988 .00  ($1,777,674.85)

Now multiply that by 109 Senators and 360 House of Representative members (don’t forget the Ministers and  Ambassadors).


According to reports, apart from the regular salaries and allowances of over N17 million ($113,333) and N14.99 million ($99,933) and the irregular allowance of estacodes, duty tours etc, that the Senators and Reps were earning every year, they were also being given over N192m ($1.28m) and N140m ($0.93m) respectively in illegal quarterly allocations which is not provided for by Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC.

In effect, a Nigerian lawmaker was earning at the very least $1.40m ($1.28m quarterly allocations + $0.113m regular salaries and allowances) as against the $0.174m an American lawmaker takes home and therefore a Nigeria Senator makes at least 8 times as much as an American senator and more than 3 times the American president. This shows that a lawmaker in Nigeria, earns more than double what a Member of British Parliament earns per annum.

This reports show that the current Senate President earns N250 million quarterly or N83.33 million per month while the deputy gets N150 million per quarter or N50 million a month. Practically, they earn in 4 – 6 months what the UK prime minister earns in one year.

In a newspaper article dubbed ‘An Assembly for looting’ written by Musikilu Mojeed with Elor Nkereuwem, the authors rightly made it known that each of the 360 members of the House of Representatives were earning N35 million in quarterly allocation while each of the 109 Senators earns N48 million each.

These allocations have however been slashed by 20% to N27 million ($180,000) and N38 million ($253,333) respectively due to the 20% reduction requested by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.


The Salary Of Politicians/Lawmakers Worldwide Per Annum (in USD):

Nigeria – $189,500.00

Britain – $105,400.00

United States – $174,000.00

France – $85,900.00

South Africa – $104,000.00

Kenya – $74,500.00

Saudi Arabia – $64,000.00

Brazil – $157,600.00

Ghana – $46,500.00

Indonesia – $65,800.00

Thailand – $43,800.00

India – $11,200.00

Italy – $182,000.00

Bangladesh – $4,000.00

Israel – $114,800.00

Hong Kong – $130,700.00

Japan – $149,700.00

Singapore – $154,000.00

Canada – $154 000.00

New Zealand – $112,500.00

Germany – $119,500.00

Ireland – $120,400.00

Pakistan – $3,500.00

Malaysia – $25,300.00

Sweden – $99 300.00

Sri Lanka – $5,100.00

Spain – $43,900.00

Norway – $138,000.00

Based on some reports,  the $189,500.00 earned annually by each Nigerian lawmaker is 52 per cent higher than what Kenyan lawmakers, who are the second highest paid lawmakers, earn. According to the Economist magazine, Nigeria’s Federal lawmakers, with a basic salary of $189,500.00 per annum (N30.6m), are the highest paid legislators in the world.

It also checked the lawmakers’ basic salary at a ratio of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each person across the world. The report shows that the basic salary alone without adding the contemptuous allowances of a Nigerian lawmaker is 116 times the country’s GDP for each person of $1,600.00.

nigeria is broke 2013

Why should Nigeria as a developing country pay that outrageous amount of salary more than already developed country. With this, we may never get better than we are now. Remember, we have not considered ordinary Nigerians in this analysis.

Now the average salary of a Nigerian public worker according to National Minimum Wage is N18,000.00 (which is yet to be implemented in some states). If you multiply that by 12 months in a year, you’ll get N216,000 ($1,333.00). By proportion, it will take a common Nigerian public worker 1,638 years to collect the annual salary of a senator. Isn’t that saddening?

According to a lecture titled “Public Service and Transformation Agenda, re-defining the roles of engagement “ organized by the Institute of Advanced Legal studies and Nigerian Television Authority in honor of retired former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Muhammadu Lawal Uwais, which deplored the state of the National Economy which he blamed on poor governance and greed by the political class, the president of Nigeria takes well over N30 million every year including benefits, while vice president draws nearly N28 million every year including benefits, governors pocket well over N25 millon every year they get to live and national law-makers in Nigeria collect as much as N200 million per year.

The lecture which tends to even advocate for the maximum amount of 30 million, 28 million and 25 million to be paid to president, vice president, and governors shows that they have been receiving an amount much more than these amounts. The lecture also canvassed for judiciary, ministers, and members of House Assembly to receive maximum of 24 million every year in order to reduce the cost of governance.

The commissioners receive more than one million every month including basic salary, benefits and perks, running cost for their offices, and travel allowance. These politicians also receive at least two official cars.

Now let us consider the number of duplicated commissioners and ministers in Nigeria. You could see that we spend 90% of Nigerian income on salaries and not just salaries of the poor masses but salaries used in enriching particular set of people who are already rich.

How can we ever develop Nigeria when only 10% of total income is used for its development (if everything allocated to development is actually used for development).

No wonder our politicians and Presidential candidates are doing everything possible to win. But with this analysis and with the state of things, Nigeria will never be better unless we get a leader that can be true to the meaning of being a public servant, someone who will not put his immediate needs and wants before the needs of the entire nation and learn to cut down on the Government’s excessive wasteful spending. Then and only then will Nigeria move forward.