Man Takes Own Life Over Inability To Get Married At 40


Some stories are usually received as a normal occurrence when it involves a particular gender. But in Nigeria, where it is generally believed that the issue of getting married is often of more concern to the female folks, this particular story is rather shocking. Inhabitants of  Alhaji Aboki Street in Abaranje area of Ikotun, Lagos State, have been thrown into panic, after discovering in an uncompleted building, the lifeless body of a 40-year old resident simply known as Femi. Late Femi was reported to have committed suicide out of frustration and his inability to get married at 40.

The incident took place in less than two months after he was ejected from his one-room apartment on 27, Alhaji Aboki Street.

According to an information gathered by BuzzNigeria, the late Femi, popularly known as Fela, had on two other different occasions made an attempt to end his life. A resident, who identified himself as Okeseun Olatunde, said:

“Femi was evicted by his landlord in February, after he was discharged from hospital, following a failed suicide attempt.

“On one of the occasions he jumped into a well but was rescued. After the second failed suicide attempt, his landlord asked him to bring his relatives, but none showed up. He had said severally that he was related to late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

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“We also learned he owed the landlord house rent. The landlord had no choice than to evict him, with his property kept outside. He (Femi) took the property to the uncompleted building where he stayed until he was discovered dead last Friday. We suspect he committed suicide.”

Josiah Madu, another resident who spoke on the issue said the deceased was a bricklayer, adding that he had complained many times that business was not forth-coming and that he desperately wanted to get married. Madu said:

“He told some of us in March last year that every woman he approached for marriage complained about his financial status. At a point, he started keeping to himself.”

Police sources disclosed that they have begun investigation into the cause of death.

What  sad story! It’s obvious the young man suffered chronic depression but unfortunately, made it worse by shutting out people who may have been a source of encouragement to him.

Looking at this case through the eyes of an African though, one could say there was an evil spirit playing a music for late Femi from the evil forest in his village because ordinarily, Africans love life and no normal, full-blooded Nigerian man will opt for suicide no matter the frustrations.

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