Lai Mohammed Says APC Rescued Nigeria From Hell


The Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has described the victory of the APC in the 2015 presidential election as the exit of Nigeria from hell.

He also warned against returning the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to power, saying it will be like returning to Egypt.

Speaking with Political Editors in an interview, Mr Mohammed reinstated that the APC administration does not condone corruption which reflected when President Buhari ordered the immediate dismissal Maina.

“The fact that Mr. President, immediately the issue came to his knowledge, asked for Maina’s disengagement is the most important thing. That to me is a clear signal that we do not condone corruption. There is no better way to handle the issue than this,” he said.

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Lai Mohammed insisted that even critics acknowledge the progress Buhari have made in fighting corruption and tackling insecurity, adding that the APC administration has chosen to seek a lasting solution to the economic crisis plaguing the nation instead of engaging in a quick fix that may attract accolades.

“We chose to be painstaking instead of engaging in palliatives. I am happy to inform you today that we are winning! Our well-thought-out policy, encapsulated in the administration’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), launched on April 5th 2017, is working and the results are beginning to show.

“In September, we exited recession and returned to the path of growth, after five consecutive quarters of contraction. As we said then, taking Nigeria out of recession did not happen by accident. It was the culmination of months of hard work by the administration and fidelity to its well-articulated economic policies. This administration will not relent in its determined effort to usher in a new dawn for Nigeria. We are winning the battle to revive the economy.

The minister said only well-meaning Nigerians will continue to appreciate and encourage the good work of the Buhari led administration.

“We are fighting corruption like never before. We are tackling insecurity with a renewed vigour. While the naysayers, who are obviously in the minority, persist in their pastime of acting as a distraction, discerning and well-meaning Nigerians will continue to appreciate and encourage the good work of our administration.

Furthermore, Lia Mohammed described the victory of APC in the 2015 presidential election as the exit of Nigeria from hell.

According to him, nobody should pray for the return to power of the former ruling party, PDP.

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“Now, as to whether we are afraid that the PDP would win, I can tell you absolutely, we couldn’t even contemplate it because it would be a tragedy for Nigeria to fall back into the hands of PDP. Look, we have very painstakingly taken this country through hell, I mean, they dropped us in hell, and we are taking you people out of hell, we can’t come back to Egypt,” Lai Mohammed continued.

“No, I am serious, it is not about APC, it is about President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s like the kind of revelations that are coming out, the kind of rot, you want those people to come back and preside over the affairs of Nigeria again.

“Now, let me ask you for instance what would happen to the investigations that have been held if the PDP should win in 2019? They would be swept under the carpet.”

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