Lagos CP Released Young Mother Who Stole Plantain, Gave Her Money


Once again, the Nigeria Police Force has expressed kindness and consideration a young nursing mother who was caught and jailed for stealing plantain in a marketplace.

Despite the bad reputation the country’s police force has garnered throughout the years, it has also acted courageously and has on many occasions expressed good morals and principles.

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The act of human sympathy expressed by the Commissioner of Lagos state Police, CP Fatai Owoseni, has upheld the “Police is your friend” mantra when he gave a direct other for the young lady and her baby to be released for police sell.

According to the report, the poor looking woman was caught at Agbowa marketplace stealing plantain and brought to the nearby station where she was detained. Fortunately, the commissioner intervened and took pity on her. Not only did Owoseni ordered for her released, he also gave her a token of N10,000 to fend off starvation which she claimed, lured her into stealing the food.

The Commissioner also advising the young mother not to repeat such criminal act, or her punishment would not be too fair next time.

Lagos CP Released Young Mother Who Stole Plantain, Gave Her Money
CP Fatai Owoseni pardons nursing mother

Since the recession sets in early 2016, life has been easy for the poorest people in Nigeria. Many have been driven to do the unthinkable; the poverty rate has sky-rocketed, driving many to financial contingency, hence stealing became more common. With the high rate of unemployment of skilled and unskilled labour, it is no wonder why hundreds of youths migrate to other developed countries, legally and illegally, for greener pasture.

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For those who could not migrate, participating in quick money schemes becomes an option. While some people borrow money to patronize these online Ponzi schemes, others who are into the business of buying and selling struggles to make adequate profits to solve their family’s basic needs; paying bills; and to cover expenses.