Lagos Club Owner Debunks Rumour Of Being Bobrisky’s Bae


A popular Lagos Club Owner has been caught up in the life of Bobrisky. Followers of the Nigerian cross-driver and male barbie are aware that Bobrisky has a wealthy bae who showers him with money and luxury gifts.

Bobrisky always finds pride in praising his mystery bae online and recently shared a photo showing just the ‘leg’ of the bae.

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This rose suspicions and accusing fingers starting pointing towards a club owner, [Club Uno in Ikeja] Mike, who has been sighted a couple of times with Bob.

Club Owner and Bobrisky

Bobrisky and Mike
Via his Instagram handle, @prettymikeclubuno, Mike urged Nigerians to desist from judging Bobrisky, also stating 7 strong reasons why he is not the mystery bae of the male barbie that people are eager to meet.

Pretty Mike wrote:

1. Everyone tht knws me knew I use to be a serial womaniser n a reckless spender. D list of ladies I have dated/had flings with is endless. I am a ladies Man especially to those girls dating guys tht r materialistic n loves money, dey sneak behind their Bfs to come hang wth me n my friends, I won’t mention names but feel free to google D name “Pretty Mike”..We invented d word “Body Count “’s not like I am proud of my Past, But when @TokeMakinwa wrote tht book “On Becoming”.. that her Bf Maje dey Learn 4 where I dey????…..but den again “Romans 3:23 we have all Sinned and fallen short of his Glory” ????

2. Everyone tht knows me know I’m very humble n joke a lot wth everyone (Read my captions) n I don’t discriminate. C’mon I’m in d nite club business n it’s part of my job to make friends n mingle. I never judge people n D fact tht lots of peeps have a problem wth @bobrisky222 sexuality doesn’t mean I should too. He’s a human being n God created him so who r we to judge God’s creation? so he invited me 4 his b/day prty n I graced his occasion as I would hve done 4 any Friend.

3. Check d interior of d car in d pic circulating online n compare it to d interior of my car n U”ll notice it’s not d same. Besides friends who were wth me on d day d snap ws recorded would testify I wasn’t wearing a blue jeans on tht day.

4. My club is currently under a MakeOver 4 a while now so where could I possibly be getting all dose cash she has been flashing since d beginning of d year? Btw, people don’t spend new naira notes at d club, so except I own a mint producing company (which I don’t), I wouldn’t hve access to New notes daily.

5. How could y’ll (especially all u amateur blogs) post such a story just cause some idiot said it? I expect y’all to make ur findings n support it wth concrete evidence instead of rushing to post such a senseless story.This is why I still [email protected] is d best,dey don’t post ridiculous stories without proof,and I read sme of d comments, especially d ladies looking at my picture n saying “what a waste of fine boy” well u were all right, I’m a waste, my Cassava has retired cause I’m in a serious relationship now.

6. D picture of me lying in d bathtub ws taken by a girl n If u go to her page u”ll notice she also posted an hotel pic of herself. I would hve loved to tag her but I don’t want to create drama 4 her. But those who know her should go to her page n see 4 urself.

7. I think it’s high time we all stop judging Bobrisky cause of his looks n sexuality. I see lots of hateful comments whenever d dude is mentioned. Not fair at all. If u have d fear of God in u, you shouldn’t hate what He created no matter how he chooses to live his/her life rather let’s Pray 4 dem #Pray4BobRisky Instead of sitting in our homes/Offices n hate on another human being. Not fair at all. We should all learn to live as one n d fact that u don’t like someone else’s action doesn’t make ur own life perfect. Let’s spread love in 2017 please. “Turn down hate to turn up Love”! Enough said ????


Meanwhile, on a trip to London, Bobrisky  had a meet and greet session with his fans at North Pole Bar & Restaurant in Greenwich, where he charged £20 per person.

Surprisingly, the turn-out fetched him a total of N2m as hundreds of people were delighted to feature Bobrisky on their snaps. What a way to make cool cash this Christmas!

Bobrisky at a Meet and Greet Session in London