Lagos Bus Conductors Announce Plans To Start Wearing Uniforms And Name Badges


Lagos Bus Conductors under the aegis of Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria (BCAN), has announced that effective from March, 2017, bus conductors in Lagos would commence wearing uniforms, badges and name tags.

Isreal Adeshola, National President of BCAN who was speaking to journalists on Thursday, said that the Lagos State government had approved wearing of uniforms and badges with effect from next month

According to him, the use of badges and wearing of uniforms by over 3,000 bonafide members got the nod of the government on Monday.

He said:

“We are in collaboration with Lagos state government on the issue of badges and uniforms for commercial conductors, which was finalised on Monday.”

“This is because we don’t want to start without the government’s approval. So by first week of March, we will roll them out’’

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The BCAN president further noted that the introduction of uniforms, name tags and badges had become imperative to enforce decorum and ensure safety of duly registered members and members of the public.

It is yet to be known if the move by the conductors to wear uniforms is connected to the announcement of the Lagos Government to ban danfo buses.

Governor Akinwunmi  Ambode said he would banish yellow commercial buses from Lagos roads this year saying that connectivity was a critical element for a mega city to work, which required having mass transit system to move people from one point to another.

In Ambode’s words:

“I tell you what, I want to banish yellow buses from Lagos this year.”

“My dream of ensuring that Lagos becomes a true megacity will not be actualised with the presence of these yellow buses on Lagos roads”

“It is estimated that 86 immigrants enter Lagos every hour – the highest in any city in the world – and they have no plans to leave.”

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“This ever increasing population of the state however means that we have to be on our toes to provide facilities for this more than 23 million population”

The governor said there was still a lot more to be achieved as regards making Lagos one of the most vibrant modern cities of the world.

According to Governor Ambode Lagos remains one of the most attractive destination for those who want to realize their dreams.