Lagos State: No More Live Bands At Beer Parlours, Restaurants – State Government


In a move to curtail noise pollution, Lagos State government has prohibited live band music at various beer parlors, restaurants and food joints in the state.

Also, religious leaders have been directed to soundproof worship centers to minimize the effect of noise generated in residential areas.

The Lagos State Environment Protection Agency (LASEPA) General Manager, Adebola Shabi disclosed this saying the decision came on the heels of increasing rate of petitions by residents lamenting the disturbance from beer parlours, club houses and religious houses.

Beer parlour and restaurant operators were warned that if any of them violated the directive, they would be penalized, as any complaint from residents henceforth will attract sanctions.

LASEPA stressed that such businesses must obtain a permit to do so and failure to comply will attract a fine of N500,000.

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LASEPA GM Adebola-Shabi-690x443

Mr Shabi maintained that needless noise making at residential areas must be discouraged saying:

“In the 60s and 70s we had nightlife but you can see that Governor Ambode is working to bring back night life. The state government is spending a lot in assisting the police.”

Stressing that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode was poised to develop Lagos, LASEPA decried the rate at which residential areas were being converted to commercial use without government’s approval. Residents were also blamed for not informing government when those structures were being converted.

Mr Shabi said some of the structures were located in places without the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which would enable government plan for the area or possibly prevent the project from being developed in the area.

“Let me also use this medium to inform the Baales, other community leaders and residents to inform the police and government on strange developments in their areas. A lot of development takes place unknown to government because people in the area refuse to inform the government and this is why residential areas are converted to industrial areas. EIA is essential in any development and the community must be carried along in doing it,” Mr Shabi said.

The LASEPA GM further condemned the practice of parking vehicles on the street for too long, saying residents must also report such in order not to jeopardize government’s efforts to boost security.

The state government also raised the alarm over the rate at which residents unknowingly consumed poisonous water through underground sources, warning the petrol stations in the state to install ‘monitoring well’ in their filling stations or face serious sanction.

Mr Shabi disclosed that most households were ignorantly drinking water already contaminated by petrochemical substances through underground water, saying that the research recently conducted in the state’s agency, Alimosho area of the state recorded the highest contaminated water by petrochemical substance.

The LASEPA GM stated that Lagos would not fold its harm and allow residents to continue consuming what could lead to cancer, in the long run, alleging that a lot of foods and drugs items taken and consumed by Nigerians contain substances dangerous for consumption.

According to him, a recent research conducted by the agency on well water and boreholes across the state revealed that some underground water contains particles, substances and chemical reactions from petroleum substances which people drink regularly in the state.

Shabi, who said the agency had discovered that hundreds of homes in Lagos particularly areas with much concentration of filling stations were consuming contaminated water with petrochemical substances, said that it was mandating the filling stations to immediately install monitor well in their station especially those who are yet to do so.

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In order to check self-regulation and leakages from underground facilities, LASEPA said they have mandated all the petrol stations in Lagos State to install ‘monitoring well’ and they will start the enforcement any moment from the Easter holidays.