Wooow! Nigerian Lady Saves N489,500 In A Year With The Help Of A Piggy Bank (a.k.a Kolo)


The term ‘piggy bank’ may be new to some people although it has been in existence for as long as I do not know. It is the traditional name of a coin container normally used by children to save the little money they get from time to time. However, adults have long employed the services of the ‘stay-at-home’ bank also known as ‘kolo’, to save spare money which would have ordinarily been wasted on irrelevant things.

According to a lady on Instagram who started saving up money in her piggy bank from February 2016, she realised about N489,500 at the end of the year, after she saved up every extra change she had on her at the end of everyday.

Sometimes she saves N200, N500, even N1000. When the vault was opened at the close of last year, she was amazed to find out she had saved for herself N489, 500. Story was shared online by a social media user who says you too can achieve same if you do these:

1- Get your own saving box
2- Make up your mind everyday to put in something no matter the amount
3- Then relax and wait for 365 days to elapse. You will be amazed at the result.

Similarly, another lady shared her story on a closed Facebook group created for just females. According to her, she was able to save N249,010 in 7 months.

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Here’s what she wrote:

“Sometime in the month of May, I saw a post put up by a… about saving about 70k in her piggy bank.

“I was so inspired and went out and got myself (and a couple of my loved ones) our own Kolo (piggy banks).

“Now here’s what I told myself when I started – I am an unrepentant buyer. When I’m upset at work, I just want to shop. I am feeling a bit down and I shop as a form of therapy. But then, I hardly get to wear them immediately so I find that I just buy for nothing.

“I then devised a plan – whenever I felt like shopping, I would go online, pick stuff but never checkout. I would then put the equivalent of the supposed shopping money in my piggy bank. I did that from May to date.

“So here’s all the skater skirts, tops, shoes and all I never bought for 7 months – N249,010 !!!

“For sure I’m doing this in 2017 – from January 1, though using a different strategy. Who’s joining me? Thanks to FIN for inspiring me to do this!!”

Wooow! I think it’s time to start saving….